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Do you want to become more active? Do you want to live a healthy lifestyle? If the answer is yes, MonaVie is the solution. MonaVie juice helps with immune systems, heart, joints, and supplies antioxidant support in every bottle. While this juice is delicious it is also effective.

Each MonaVie juice contains a blend of the Brazilian Acai Berry. This blend of acai berry is one of the best superfoods one can have. It also carries 18 strongly beneficial fruits such as, cupuacu, camu camu, aronia, blueberry, pomegranate, and more. With this many fruits in one bottle you are getting the highest amount of nutrients every time you take a sip. A single bottle is bursting with phytonutrients and antioxidants that aid the body physically and mentally.  


At the moment there are five different health juices created by MonaVie. The first is called “MonaVie MX”, which is a cocktail juice that still contains immense antioxidant support and boosts immune health. This is not only a cocktail juice, it’s a juice that improves the overall health of those who drink it. This specific MonaVie drink carries 19 fruits and 11 vegetables all within one bottle. This drink doesn’t just stop there, it continues onto increase joint mobility and overall flexibility by using glucosamine in every bottle. The benefits of drinking MonaVie will start appearing very quickly. The goal is to get customers active, alert, and ready to take on everyday feeling great. The next drink is the “MonaVie Essential Juice,” this juice specifically targets aging and improving overall health. This drink nourishes and replenishes the body from within by also containing many powerful antioxidants and nutrients. MonaVie juice aims to reverse time, giving customers the power to defend against the effects of aging.


“MonaVie Pulse” is for those that suffer from heart problems. This drink specifically aims to support cardiovascular health by providing customers a healthy blend of various fruits. With added benefits that derive from plant sterols and resveratrol which help with obtaining healthy cardiovascular levels; this tasty beverage is above all others. A delicious, soothing drink such as MonaVie does wonders for the heart.

Last but not least we have “MonaVie (M)mun.” If you are tired, exhausted, work long hours, or just want to make sure you maintain your health, this drink is for you. Featuring a blend of 19 different fruits and “Wellmune,” it has been clinically proven to boost immune defenses and fights off cellular oxidation. This drink is for the everyday challenges that life presents us all and is optimal for protecting the body yearly. There are many different MonaVie juices because they want to ensure that everyone can target their own specific concerns with ease. All MonaVie juices are set at the same standard price of $135.00.


Though there are various MonaVie juices they all aim to bring out the best in you, no matter what age. Start feeling better, get active, and be the best you by simply pouring a cup of one of the best juices around. The acai berry that is also included in these bottles has been validated and shows the benefits of this fruit and they are absolutely remarkable. With every sip taken, customers will be filling their bodies with the highest quality nutrients that assist in healing and aiding overall health. If you have a passion for better health, MonaVie is the drink that will get you there.