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Create an ‘Etsy style’ Greeting Card in Photoshop

This  simple but “crafty” Photoshop tutorial is inspired by the kind of  handmade cards that you often see being sold on Etsy, HowAboutOrange, and Dawanda. This really easy Photoshop tutorial...
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Create a Simple Holiday Postcard in Photoshop- using the Clipping Mask, Warp Tool, and other Text Effects!

Create a “retro” postcard in Photoshop using the clipping mask and the text warp tool. A fantastic design idea for any designer who is creating a “red-hot” design for the...
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Top 10 FREE design resource and inspiration sites!

My own personal list of favorite design sites. The combination of these sites will offer designers a world of knowledge, inspiration, and resource.
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The pen tool – leading you up a scary path!

Few things strike fear in the hearts of newbie Photoshop users like the pen tool.Once you familiarize yourself with its special quirks and unmask its hidden secrets, you’ll find that...