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The excitement of the holidays builds up when friends and family begin dropping off gifts for Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Christmas. The wrapping paper might have been chosen to fit the gift receiver’s personality, to match the gift-giver’s holiday decorations or give a hint to what is being gifted.

For weeks, all you can do is imagine what you’re getting for the holidays. The only clue lies in the wrapping paper, making it all the more important to “think finishing at the beginning,” as often touted by Trish Witkowski, chief folding fanatic at

Gift-wrapping can serve many purposes, but its original function was to protect the contents within, and secondly, to conceal the gift until it was opened. Thick, sturdy manila paper would eventually be replaced by festive red or green tissue paper before the craze of printed wrapping paper exploded onto the scene.

Decorative wrapping paper today can feature seasonal and holiday imagery from snowflakes to reindeer, and have even reverted back to parchment paper for a nostalgic look. Wrapped gifts are secured with ribbon or twine, or topped with a bow to complete the look.

Another growing trend is personalized holiday wrapping paper to customize gifts with personal photos, special sayings or your company logo for corporate gifts. Designing your own wrapping paper pattern can become a keepsake in itself and add a special touch to exchanging gifts.


Use your favorite family pictures in a fun or festive scene.




Skip the gift tag and write it right on the wrapping paper. Incorporate individual or family names into the wrapping paper pattern to let recipients know who the gift is for or from.




Give them a reason to keep the wrapping paper instead of throwing it straight into the wastebasket.




Ever wonder what to do with scraps after you’ve finishing wrapping a gift? There are plenty of ways to put them to good use.


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Our team looks for the products that bring smiles to the faces of our customers. Now, we are introducing a new product that is creative, special, and personal. This new product, is our wrapping paper. Giving gifts brings joy and happiness to others, and we wanted to make this experience as personal as possible. 

Quality is everything, and we wanted to ensure our customers receive top of the line paper. All of our wrapping paper is on 80 lbs Gloss paper stock. This will have a heavier feel than standard paper and will be slightly heavier. However, the paper is not overwhelmingly heavy, it’s just the right amount that is needed to provide a strong durability. This stock also has a sleek gloss that covers the entire paper. Our gloss not only creates a luxurious look, but gives the paper an extra layer of protection. This will keep the 4:4 color from fading and the paper looking as good as new for a very long time. Our team worked strenuously to create a solid paper stock that is matched with the ultimate protective gloss. 


We loved the idea of our customers being able to actually create their own wrapping paper. Everyone can go out and buy generic wrapping paper, but then it becomes solely wrapping paper. Nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary. We wanted our customers to create something special and unique to them, and have fun in the process. Upload any design or image and surprise your friends, family, and even customers.  

Wrapping paper can start a buzz for your company or business. Wrap merchandise and other promotional gear for a highly unified look. This will only take your business a step further in your customers and potential customers’ perceptions of your company. Having an overall collected scheme will set the standard and tone, thus draw customers into your business. Simply place your logo on the wrapping paper for a strikingly distinguished look. 


It’s personal and gives our customers the opportunity to send their gifts off in style and personality. We are very excited for our customers to try out this new product. Start creating your very own, right now! Only at