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A Brief History of How Valentine’s Day Got It’s Charm

2019 marks the one thousand five hundred twenty third anniversary of the tradition we know as Valentine’s Day. Originally celebrated as part of a Roman festival called Lupercalia, which took...
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Show Your Stuff by Submitting Your Business to the 2019 National Small Business Week Awards

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is accepting submissions again for this year’s National Small Business Week Awards. If you think your business should be considered for recognition because of...
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3rd Annual #SpookMeONP Halloween Design Contest

For the third year now, designers and illustrators participated in Overnight Prints’ annual #SpookMeONP Halloween Design Contest. Contestants tagged their Halloween-themed designs on Instagram and Twitter to enter for a...
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Great Tips for Overcoming Your Procrastination

This National Day is the Perfect Day for Beating Procrastinating! The 6th of September is seen around the world as international “Fight Procrastination Day”. Chronic procrastination is usually a symptom...