Overnight Prints 3rd annual halloween contest winner Casey Faye
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3rd Annual #SpookMeONP Halloween Design Contest

For the third year now, designers and illustrators participated in Overnight Prints’ annual #SpookMeONP Halloween Design Contest. Contestants tagged their Halloween-themed designs on Instagram and Twitter to enter for a...
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Great Tips for Overcoming Your Procrastination

This National Day is the Perfect Day for Beating Procrastinating! The 6th of September is seen around the world as international “Fight Procrastination Day”. Chronic procrastination is usually a symptom...
back-2-school - tech style fashion learning trends from 1950s to today - overnightprints
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Back 2 School – From the 1950s to Today

School Fashion, Learning & Technology Trends of the Last 70 Years Children throughout the nation are once again faced with the end of a joyous summer vacation as the fall...
Tips for decorating your apartment or home walls
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How To Spruce Up Your Apartment Walls

Inspirational Prints and other Décor Ideas Decorating an apartment is a challenging task for many of us. When you first start, you’ll spend most of your time on trips to...