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Small Business

Are You a Shark in Business?

July 14, 2017

You’re a die-hard fan of the hit reality show “Shark Tank” – you snicker at silly product names and scoff at ridiculously high... Read More


Custom Bookmarks as Marketing Tools and Gift Ideas

July 13, 2017

Say the word “bookmark “and most people will immediately think of somber libraries with stern-faced librarians or bits of tasseled old lea... Read More

Small Business

Print vs. Digital: Where to spend your ad dollars

June 23, 2017

Digital and print media are constantly at war, but is one really better than the other? It’s hard to compare the two when one is tactile and the... Read More

Small Business

Staycations That Will Improve Work Performance

June 21, 2017

Encouraging workaholics to take time off from work can actually boost productivity, energy and creativity when they return to the job. Nearly 662 mill... Read More

Corporate Culture

World’s Best Dad: Celebrating Father’s Day at Overnight Prints

June 12, 2017

Overnight Prints, an online printing company, is dedicating this Father’s Day to all the fantastic dads at the office! We interviewed some of ou... Read More


Father’s Day Guide: Custom Gifts to Suit Every Dad

June 12, 2017

You’re probably running out of “World’s Greatest Dad” gifts for your pops, so how can you make Father’s Day this year a ... Read More


Cheap Print Ideas for an Easy, Breezy Summer Wedding

June 3, 2017

The month of June is the start of easy, breezy summer weddings. Brides planning their perfect day or reliving the happy moment can find affordable wed... Read More


Limited Edition Hero Cards to Commemorate Medal of Honor Recipients

June 1, 2017

The Congressional Medal of Honor (CMOH) honors the brave men and women who serve and protect our country. From Independence Day to Labor Day, Limited ... Read More

Customer Spotlight

Picnic Day: The Best Way to Pack a Perfect Picnic

May 23, 2017

Picture a perfect sunny day, a gingham blanket on the ground, and plenty of food and drinks. Whether it is a casual get-together with friends or a rom... Read More

Corporate Culture

5th Grader Wins Student Storyteller Contest

May 22, 2017

At Overnight Prints, we don’t just print stories, we want to shape the storytellers of the future. To celebrate National Encourage a Young Write... Read More

Art & Design

National Photography Month: 5 Photogs to Celebrate on Instagram

May 19, 2017

Sure, a picture is worth a thousand words, but what are the two words photographers don’t often hear? Thank you! From silhouettes to selfies, Na... Read More

Corporate Culture

Mom Knows Best: Celebrating Mother’s Day at Overnight Prints

May 14, 2017

Overnight Prints, an online printing company, is dedicating this Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms at the office! We interviewed some of our ... Read More


What You Need to Print Before and After Graduation

May 10, 2017

As graduation day nears, you wonder…was the tassel worth the hassle? Yea, it was! There are few pieces of paper worth framing in your lifetime. Earnin... Read More

Resellers & Designers

Essential Print Marketing for the Tourism Industry

May 7, 2017

It’s National Travel and Tourism Week, and today we are asking, “What does 2017 have in store for service professionals?” The U.S. Travel Association,... Read More

Small Business

5 Budget-Friendly Print Products for Small Businesses

May 1, 2017

How can your small business make the most of a modest marketing budget? Using just the right print product packs the same powerful punch as any of the... Read More

Green Printing

How Businesses Can Give Back on Arbor Day

April 28, 2017

We’ve all heard of Earth Day, but what is Arbor Day? Let’s take it back to 1872 when Julius Sterling Morton first proposed the day to buil... Read More

Email Marketing

Ready-to-Use Templates for Email Debt Forgiveness Day

April 24, 2017

On any given day, you have about 200 unread emails sitting in your inbox. Some you peeked at, some you ignored, some you read and then marked unread a... Read More

Small Business

Small Business Story: Kristin Bleyenberg Design

April 20, 2017

How well do you know your customers? Becoming familiar with buyers’ needs and desires is invaluable to growing a loyal customer base for your sm... Read More

Small Business

Tax Advice: 5 Small Business Marketing Deductions to Know

April 12, 2017

Despite what insults you quietly mutter about them around April 15, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) does support entrepreneurs who apply a little e... Read More

Corporate Culture Hosting Student Storyteller Contest

April 10, 2017

In recognition of National Encourage a Young Writer Day on April 10, Overnight Prints, Inc. (ONP), a web-to-print solutions company, will be hosting a... Read More

Small Business

Top 7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Business Marketing

April 10, 2017

Bees are buzzing, flowers are blooming and customers are coming out of hibernation after a long winter. Time for your budding small business to “... Read More

Art & Design

8 Design Faux Pas You Need to Avoid

April 1, 2017

If you’re in the business of graphic design, you know there are steadfast rules and principles that guide your designs – everything from c... Read More

Small Business

Mom & Pop Shops That Made it Big

March 29, 2017

We all know that every business has to start somewhere. Some boast humble beginnings like Google starting up in a rented garage. Others are more contr... Read More

Creative Print Ideas

6 Brilliant Office Pranks for April Fool’s Day

March 27, 2017

It’s the one day a year you can get away with pranking your co-workers. You guessed it, we’re talking about April Fool’s Day. Make u... Read More

Corporate Culture Wins Bronze ADDY Award

March 22, 2017

Overnight Prints, Inc. (ONP), a web-to-print solutions company, won a prestigious ADDY Award for its 2016 holiday campaign. Held March 17 at Cabaret J... Read More