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20 Best Romantic Card Ideas

Next week is already Valentine’s Day – the ideal date to show your love, your crush, but maybe also your friends or parents, how much they mean to you. Even though flowers and chocolate are all-time classics, your loved ones do deserve some more personalized presents. So why not enclose a custom card to the flowers or candy?

At OvernightPrints, we do not only offer the printing of postcards or greeting cards but also give you the opportunity to create a unique design for your Valentine’s Day Card. If you decide to create your Valentine’s Day card on our website, you can use our simple-to-use designer. You can either choose a blank white template or a ready-made romantic template and add images and texts to your taste.

We present you with 20 romantic card ideas so that everyone wants to be your Valentine.

1 – Love is in the air

That’s the spirit of Valentine’s Day. This phrase together with some hearts on a simple background makes an appealing postcard for any person which is close to your heart. You can directly start customizing that template and then place an order.

Love is in the Air Creeting Card

2 – Rawr

“Rawr” means “I love you” in dinosaur. With the help of this cute dinosaur couple, you can leave a “rawr” to the love of your life. If you also find the dinosaurs are pretty cute, you can customize this design.

Dinasaurs Greeting Card

3 – Valentine? No, thanks!

Let’s be honest, not everyone is in the mood for romance, not even on Valentine’s Day. If your partner is someone like that, but you still want to express your feelings, you can use this card with a funny little poem. Let’s get it customized.

Anti Valentine Greeting Card

4 – Lovebirds

For all the lovebirds among us, we have an ideal card design at hand. We offer this design in the size of 19” x 14” (open format). If you wish, you can customize it here.

Love is All You Need Greeting Card

5 – Lovebirds plus photo

If you want to have a birdy card with a personal touch, you can also choose one of our 19” x 14” greeting card templates with specially designated space for inserting a romantic couple photo. Get started here with this lovely template in orange and blue (we have this template in other colors as well).

I Love You Greeting Card

6 – Elephantastic card

With this template, we can print you a personalized card with the name of your admired ones. You can be sure that this card will make him/her fly as well. Start customizing it.

Elephantastic Card for Valentines Day

7 – Baby Yoda

The latest cutie trend online has been Baby Yoda, so why not surprise your love with a heartful pic of Yoda and a sassy phrase next to it? 

Yoda Valentines Card

8- Let’s avocuddle

You like avocado? Lucky the trend food made it to the Valentine’s Cards so that you can ask your love to “avocuddle”.

Romance Greeting Card to Valentines Day

9 – To-Do list

What’s the best thing to do on Valentine’s Day? Spending time with your partner, simple as that.

To-do List Greeting Card

10 – Racсoon

Raccoons are sneaky, but nevertheless so adorable. If you know that the addressee likes raccoons, you have the right choice with this card. You can also look for cards with other cute animals that your partner likes.

Raccoon Greeting Card

11 – Gaming card

Does your lover like to play video games? 

You Stole My Heart Greeting Card

12 – As we are already at gaming…

People who like to play games are not very willing to pause them. You love your partner so much that you would pause a game? Awesome, let your partner know!

I would Press Pause Greeting Card

13 – Historical people on cards

For smart people or historians, there are lots of illustrations with important historical people created by artist Ben Kling.

I Cant Live without You Greeting Card

14 – For your hungry love

If you truly love someone, you should love that person even with his/her flaws. If your beloved one’s flaw is the tendency to be hungry, gift him/her this card.

I Love You Greeting Card on Valentines Day

15 – Cheesy card

The only cure for a hungry person is food. This card will not make them full, but it’s sooo cheesy that every foodie will love it. Found

Cheesy Card for Valentines Day

16 – Aphrodisiacs

More food on Valentine’s day? The most appropriate foods on Valentine’s Day are aphrodisiacs. This card shows your desired one what he/she needs to eat on February 14th.

Eat these Foods Greeting Card

17 – Favourite notification

Nowadays, cards related to digital topics have become a must. We give this design alike and a double-tap for Valentine’s day. 

You are My Favourite Anticipation Greeting Card

18 – Doggo love

This dog is an online celebrity. If your giftee likes Doggo, you’ll make the right choice with this card.

So Valentine Dog Greeting Card

19 – Confusing card

“I hate you” on Valentine’s Day card? Take a closer look at this card… 

I Hate You Love Greeting Card

20 – Love every day

Even if it’s nice to celebrate love on Valentine’s Day, it’s important to remind your partner every day how much you love him/her. In this case, this card is brilliant.

Love You 365 Days Greeting Card


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