How to make your own fancy bookmarks

If you’re an artistic individual, then it might be quite lucrative to sell your own bookmarks. You could establish your own online bookmark business, or sell them at craft fairs, etc. Maybe you just want to create an extra-special bookmark gift. Here’s how easy it is to make the kind of bookmarks that you see in the stores:

1.  Create a custom bookmark design using one of our online bookmark start files.  This template will give you the standard bookmark size and design guides.

2.  Design using your template guides. Once your design is completed, upload your design and checkout your design for printing.

3.  Buy some fancy rope or ribbon from Michaels, Joannes,  or another arts and crafts store

4.  Once you have received your bookmarks, use a 1-hole puncher (they’re a dollar from Office Max) to make a hole in the top of your bookmark. Thread a fancy ribbon through using a square knot (two ends through the hole- then through the loop)


You can make some really elegant looking bookmarks using this simple method.