Small Business Tips

Tips for Logos


Having no logo has made this small business owner mad!

Many small business owners choose to have logos designed for their business, but it’s not an easy task.  How do you encapsulate a business image in colors, fonts, and graphic elements?  I’m certainly no designer, but there ARE things you should think about before ever having a logo done.

First – do you actually need one?  And why?  What will a logo do for you?  Logos take up room on business cards, for example, that might be better used for descriptions of services offered or expanded contact information.  And perhaps a photo of you – or even of your main product or service – would actually be more compelling than a logo.

It may be that you do need one, but don’t rush to get a logo designed just because you feel you’re expected to have one.

Second – keep your logo simple.  Don’t make it so busy that it’s unreadable if it’s scaled down for a business card or letterhead.  Make sure colors are appropriate for your audience, too (no hot pink graphics for an energy bar targeted to men).

Third – make sure your logo looks good in black and white as well as full color.  There may be occasions when full-color printing is not available – and you never know if someone is going to photocopy a card or letter from your business.

Finally – if you do use a logo, have one professionally made for you.  Don’t use something generic from a clipart collection.  You’ll look cheap, and it will defeat the whole purpose of using a logo at all.