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Maryland Institute College Illustration Artists

I was recently contacted by Kristen Acampora, a Junior at Maryland Institute College of Art who wanted to feature her business card design on our blog site. Upon visiting her blogspot, I was really surprised at the excellent illustration work being produced by the students and recent graduates at Maryland.

I’d like to help promote their work and share their wonderful illustrations with the readers of this blog:

Stephanie Kunze

Visiting the Monastery

Annie Wu

Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer
Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer

Kat Mac

Multiple Universes
Multiple Universes

Kristen Acampora

Rearing Buck
Rearing Buck

Kristin Nohe

Industrae & Acedia
Industria & Acedia

Angela Ahn (Jeong Min Ahn)

High Grounds - Coffee label illustration design
High Grounds – Coffee label illustration design

Krissy Diggs

Little Red is Likely....
Little Red is Likely….

Jimmy Malone

jimmy malone Machete

Brandon J. Wallace

Martin Love
Martin Love

Ashley Jackimowicz

Illustration inspired by "the bird and the worm" by the Used
Illustration inspired by “the bird and the worm” by the Used

Jacob Thompson

scene from “how the crocodile got its skin” series

Barbara Tarr


Self-promotion illustration


Greg Murphy

Leo: The Battle-Mech.
Leo: The Battle-Mech.

Amanda Christensen


Dan Deacon
Dan Deacon

Rachel M Hunt

Don't wear hearts
Don’t wear hearts

Deming King Harriman

global warming
global warming

Shanti Rittgers



Cardboard Illustration
Cardboard Illustration

Amy Manzolillo

expressive attacking lion illustration
expressive attacking lion illustration

William Niu

Ryu Gu Jo

It’s frightening to think that this illustration work has been created by mostly sophomore illustration students! This collection of students’ work represents just one group of friends from Maryland Institute College of Art. I urge you to log onto the MICA site to view the work of other exceptionally talented students.

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  1. Avatar
    Kristen Acampora

    Just to clarify:

    Amy Manzolillo graduated from MICA in 2009. Annie Wu, Barbara Tarr, and Krissy Diggs graduated from MICA this year. Jimmy Malone and Kristin Nohe are seniors.

    1. Avatar

      Ok – thanks Kristen! I’ve amended the article to reflect these facts.

  2. Avatar
    Stephanie Kunze

    Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for the feature! It’s really kind of you! And awesome work by everyone! 😀

  3. Avatar

    I think MICA Illustration majors should get discounts from overnightprints for being so awesome 😉

  4. Avatar
    Kristen Acampora

    Oh Jen, you’re silly. 😉

    Thank you for featuring myself and my fellow MICA students Ben!

  5. Avatar

    I hear you, Jen, here’s a discount offer for you and all your MICA friends:

  6. Avatar
    Kristen Acampora

    Wow! Thanks so much!

  7. Avatar

    The breadth of the work is amazing, and it is all so interesting and amazing in their own right. Go MICA students!

  8. Avatar

    is Virgo suppose to represent the sign Virgo ? I’m curious.

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