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Free Halloween Stencils for Kids

What kid doesn’t like Halloween – dressing up in costume, staying up all night and getting free candy? Get in the spirit with these FREE downloads of Halloween pumpkin stencil designs and coloring pictures. They’re perfect to use on Jack-O-Lanterns, home or lawn decorations, craft projects, children’s coloring books, and other cards or holiday prints.

Spooky Skull Design


Scary Spiderweb Design

Spiderweb stencil

Click to View/Download Spiderweb Stencil

Delicious Pumpkin Pie Design

Pumpkin Pie Stencil

Click to View/Download Pumpkin Pie Stencil

Penguin in a Tiger Costume Design

Penguin Tiger Stencil

Click to View/Download Penguin Tiger Stencil

Candy Corn Design

Candy Corn Stencil

Click to View/Download Candy Corn Stencil

Freaky Friday Clown Balloon Design

Clown Balloon Stencil

Click to View/Download Clown Balloon Stencil

Also available this Halloween – spooky event invitations, greeting cards and more. Visit for all your Halloween party needs.

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