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As a designer, I get as “giddy as a schoolgirl” when I find a cool new font. I just can’t wait to use it! A good font can drive the whole look and feel of a design project and can really elevate your design to a whole new level!

In an ever-changing design environment, a designer really needs to have a collection of contemporary and cool fonts in their font arsenal to keep their designs looking fresh and modern! Here are 20 of our favorite new free fonts to add to your collection. The list consists of some beautiful fonts for long copy and general design use as well as some sublime experimental typefaces!

Please enjoy!


NOW! Grotesk


Download Link ~ Font designed by Igor Mustaev

Billy Argel Font


Download Link ~ Font Designed by Billy Argel




Download link ~ Font designed by deathmunkey




Download Link ~ Font Designed by Måns Grebäck




Download Link – Font designed by João Franco


Amputa Bangiz


Download Link – Font designed by Quiccs


Exus Pilot


Download Link ~ Font designed by Mauro Hernández




Download Link – Font designed by Sinisa Komlenic


Download Link ~ Font designed by Cameron Sweeney




Download Link ~ Font designed by Jelloween




Download Link – Font designed by Wete




Download Link – Font designed by Fontfabric




Download Link ~ Font designed by Manfred Klein




Download Link ~ Font designed by 3moDuDe




Download Link ~ Font designed by Blindfrog Industries




Download Link ~ Font designed by Henrich Fichna




Download Link ~ Font designed by Upixel


Alt Lautus


Download link ~Font designed by Andreas Leonidou




Download Link ~ Font designed by sampratot


Oh! Mai Mai!


Download Link ~ Font designed by Jorge Artola


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    I also get giddy when I discover new fonts, however my pocketbook keeps my exuberance constrained. I got real excited therefore, when I saw 25 FREE fonts, but that excitement was quickly dashed when I discovered most all of them are not free for commercial use. I found two that I was interested in that were actually FREE for all uses: Ripe and Capsuula. I’ve bookmarked the sites where I acquired them. I am excited to try them out. I do not download fonts that I don’t have free rights to use for everything, because when in a design frenzy I am not willing to limit my creativity and I don’t naturally have the thought – “oh, I better check if I can use this font.”

    Thank you for the great thought, anyway.

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