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Hi Everybody,

With everyone’s attention fixated on the Internet we tend to forget that most business is still face-to-face.  If you fail at the moment you shake someone’s hand for the first time, the consequences can be dire.

This was more obvious when that’s all there was, but in many industries not much has changed.  Face to face sales calls, conventions, trade shows, are still big drivers, the fact is that for many businesses, the Internet just leads to more face-to-face.

As a businessperson, as a human, you stand for certain things.  There are ideas that are dear to you and that define who you are. bizcard-1

One of the secrets in business is finding people who are similarly aligned.  People who believe what you believe, people who want what you want, and do what they do for the same reason you do.  Once aligned, doing business becomes frictionless.

The process of finding these people takes a lot of guts, a bit of guessing, and plenty of time.  What would happen if you could shortcut this process?  Do in an instant, the moment you meet someone, what normally takes weeks or months. That is, define who you are for them, and what you represent—and engage them in a way that you discover the same about them?

We’ve devised a simple way of making this happen: gapingvoid business cards.

You select a cartoon for the back of your card that tells the world what matters to you, what you stand for, and how YOU make a difference.

Business.  Purpose.  An Elegant Way to Transmit Your Ideas.  Exactly.

Thanks, Jason Korman

CEO gapingvoid

Editor’s note: I’ve posted a few gapingvoid business card designs below.  If you like what you see check out our gallery and our Special Introductory Offer. –BR

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