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Postcard Marketing 101 – Using Customer Testimonials

Many postcard marketers use customer testimonials in their design.

Used properly a customer testimonial on a postcard can be a powerful marketing tool. Used poorly, they can be ignored or—worse—turn off prospective customers. Here are several tips on using customer testimonials.

Where to Use a Testimonial
Use testimonials in brochures and catalogs, ad, and on your website. Put them in your direct-mail postcards.

Getting the Testimonial
Unsolicited testimonials are the best, but there are other ways to mine testimonials. First, ensure that you are doing everything you can to prompt one. Follow-up orders with a thank-you email and include a link for a review. Put a feedback button on your website. Ask your sales team to request a testimonial when they interact with satisfied customers.

What to Look for in a Testimonial
A testimonial should be short. Focus on one important item—timely delivery, customer service or a key product feature. Never use a testimonial with typos or poor grammar as this can embarrass the contributor and also make your company seem oblivious.

Displaying the Testimonial
Consider whether to use the person’s name, partial name or initials. If you are selling a Windows application “B.G, Seattle, WA” is not as effective as “Bill Gates, Microsoft.” Ask permission if you are including personal details.

Be consistent. Don’t mix and match styles or attribution info. Make it easy for the reader to find the testimonial and identify it.