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QR Codes in Posters and Mini BCs

Awhile back we ran a piece on QR codes for business cards.

I’m starting to see more and more QR Codes placed in BCs, but they’re also popping up in mini-business cards and posters.

Here’s a business card/mini BC/poster set that our design gurus put together as a sample.


Here’s another poster concept. I like the way it says “learn more at”:
Sunglass Depot Poster
The CTA in these is “scan for details.” First, the front and back of the mini business card:

QR_mini_Business_Cards_f_1v0_R01_010412 QR_mini_Business_Cards_b_1v0_R01_010412

And now the matching poster:
You can see how easy it is to incorporate a QR Code into a poster or mini BC as well as a business card. I’ve even seen cards with all of the social media icons plus the Code on the back. Neat!