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Creative uses for Bookmarks

How many times have you been in the middle of a riveting best-seller, and had to put it down, because of an unexpected interruption?

How often have you lost your place, only to come back and unintentionally re-read nearly an entire chapter, before picking up where you left off?

Enter the bookmark: this small, simple tool can alleviate frustration, save vast amounts of time, and serve as a marketing piece or novel gift idea.

Use it simply as a way to mark your place in your favorite book, or get creative and personal:

Take a look at these innovative bookmark ideas:

  1. Holiday favors: Design bookmarks around your favorite holiday. Give them to avid readers, potential clients, teachers, and relatives.
  2. Gift tags: Use bookmarks as gift tags for birthdays, weddings, holidays and special ceremonies. Create designs that reflect the spirit.
  3. Souvenirs: If you’re in the hospitality industry, create custom bookmarks with scenic photos. Use interesting pictures of nearby landmarks, stunning nature scenes, or local establishments.
  4. Keepsakes for new parents: Custom bookmarks can serve as wonderful keepsakes for new moms. Include the name, birthday, and weight of the newborn. Or, give as a gift for the baby’s first book.
  5. Give customized bookmarks to friends and clients: Personalize them with a favorite quote, song lyrics, photos, or your tag line.
  6. Recipe cards: Give away your favorite recipes on bookmarks. You’ll be a hit and you might even set a trend.
  7. Marketing tool: Promote your establishment with bookmarks. Include photographs of your business and products. Add your website, email address and phone number. Attract even more business by designing bookmarks that contain promotional offers or special pricing.
  8. Event tickets: Bookmarks are the perfect size for wallets and pockets. Use an online printing service to design innovative event tickets for upcoming affairs. This is much more affordable than traditional custom ticket printing. And your customers will have a keepsake.
  9. Save the date: Encourage attendance at special events, parties and weddings by designing customized save-the-date bookmarks.
  10. Gate-fold Business Cards: Make clever eye-catching business cards with bookmarks:

Simply download a business card template from a site such as www.overnightprints.com and design your bookmarks as if they were greeting cards. Split the 6″ template into two 3″ design spaces (one for inside and one for outside). Once you receive them, fold down the center and make a gate-fold business card.  Your business card will stand out, and you’ll have a sophisticated way to introduce yourself and network.

Encourage reading, church attendance, and participation in community events:

  1. Librarians: Encourage kids to read by giving away colorfully designed bookmarks that feature favorite children’s authors or characters.
  2. Churches: Promote your organization with specialty bookmarks. Include bible verses, service times or inspiring quotes.
  3. Chamber of Commerce: Design bookmarks that showcase the unique aspects of the town or city. Incorporate photos of community events, restaurants, and popular attractions.

Make money with bookmarks:

If you have a natural flair for creativity, you might want to try your hand at designing and selling bookmarks.

Here’s a how-to guide for creating elegant eye-catching bookmarks:

  • Create a custom bookmark design using an online bookmark template (download templates at online sites such as OvernightPrints.com). This template will give you the standard bookmark size and design guides.
  • Design using your template guides. Once your design is complete, upload and checkout. Printing will take 2-5 days at most online print shops.
  • Buy some fancy rope or ribbon from a craft store.
  • Once you have received your bookmarks, purchase a 1-hole punch, and punch a hole in the top of your bookmark.
  • Thread a fancy ribbon through it, using a square knot (two ends through the hole – then through the loop).

How have you used bookmarks to promote yourself or your business?