How To Execute A Great Las Vegas Summer Wedding

You never know what you might get out of a Vegas wedding, but you can always be prepared for whatever is thrown your way. Your wedding should be perfect and if you want to ensure everything will go smoothly here are a few tips on how to create a great Las Vegas wedding.




Las Vegas in the summer is highly unpredictable, you never know what type of weather you might get hit with. Sometimes it’s blazing at 116, sometimes the winds pick up, it pours and floods, and sometimes it’s a perfect 85 degrees with nothing but sun. Timing for any Las Vegas wedding is crucial but especially in the summer. If you can try to stay out of the months of June, July, and August and think about May or September. Then, perhaps you will want to start your wedding a little later in the day. You should aim for having your dinner around sunset. The reason is being because the temperatures begin to lower and becomes ideal. You want your guests to be able to sit comfortably and you want them to enjoy themselves, not melt away. 

It’s important for your guests to be comfortable but it’s also just as important you are. You don’t want to be focused on sweating or your makeup not holding, you want to be
focused on the moment. Many women will pick out two dresses one for the ceremony and one for the reception. This is a great idea, because at the reception you will be up walking around, talking, and dancing. You might consider something lightweight so that you can be completely free to do what you want. As far as makeup goes there are so many products out there that say they can hold your makeup longer. One product that is guaranteed to hold your makeup longer is MAC Cosmetics “Fix + Spray.” It isn’t costly and does the trick every time. If you want to feel flawless and beautiful throughout your wedding, these two steps will help immensely. 


The next aspect you have to consider of course after yourself, is your lovely guests. You want them in the moment as well, not focused on other variables. This is why paying close attention to what time your ceremony starts is essential. You don’t want your guests to be caught in the middle of a heat wave, just waiting for the ceremony to be over. You want them intently listening and engaged in the whole process. Time of day plays a huge part in making this happen, and also using a light tent over the ceremony will block the sun and provide your guests with more comfort while adding elegance to your wedding. Both of these are great ideas that will help make your guests happy and comfortable. 


With the weather constantly changing, a back-up plan is completely necessary. You should be prepared to have any part of the wedding inside, in case bad weather arises and you have to move fast. Considering a location that is able to accommodate this factor will put your mind at ease. Again, you want to be able to focus on your day, not getting poured on in your wedding dress. 


I can say with confidence that Vegas summers are hot. Knowing that it will be extremely hot, you must factor this into the types of beverages and food you serve your guest. Since it’s so hot you need to give your guests refreshing, replenishing food and drinks to keep them feeling at their best. Many people can get sick due to the heat and you don’t want this crisis during your wedding. Make sure of course there is plenty of water for your guests. Consider having someone hand out water while your guests are being seated for the ceremony. For alcoholic beverages choose slushy, cold, tropical drinks such as a blood orange sangria, cucumber margaritas or a pomegranate spritzer. All of these drinks are the perfect way to keep your guests cool. For food you want to make sure that you include lots of veggies and salads. You want to keep the food light but with sensational flavor. 

There can be a lot of stress that steams from getting married but their shouldn’t be. Planning everything through plays a huge part of any successful wedding. Las Vegas weddings are absolutely beautiful and are worth all the planning. Remember for wedding printing, Overnight Prints is your destination. We print everything from detailed save-the-dates to booklets, and magnets. All of our wedding print material is made with the utmost quality that your guests will be able to see and feel. Let us help you make your wedding great! lv-summer-wedding


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