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Make Some Green with St. Patrick’s Day Sales Ideas

Holiday marketing can be effective without overspending. Promoting a holiday special allows your business to bring in local clientele, build brand awareness and grow sales by simply joining in a widely-celebrated holiday.

Since the color green represents generosity and practicality, what better way to celebrate these characteristics than with a perfectly timed St. Patrick’s Day sale for the budget-conscious buyer?


Business cards are perfect for creating coupons and punch cards for frequent visitors. Give customers incentive to visit your business again with a special offer.

Tip: Make marketing materials festive with a bright green design.


Use EDDM services to mail postcards to your surrounding local community. Both efficient and effective, mailing services can help you build awareness among your target customers.

Tip: Add a discount or promo to encourage first-time customers to stop by.


Promo posters are a great marketing tool because they allow you to reach a mass audience from one flyer. Extend your reach and draw attention with the product that demands to be seen.

Tip: Promote your holiday sale with catchy copy or a themed design to attract passersby.

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