Free Printable Kids’ Crafts for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Paper Crafts

Did you know that Chinese New Year isn’t just celebrated in China? Ring in this international holiday with these fun facts and easy DIY paper craft ideas for kids.

5 Fun Facts about Chinese New Year

Year of the Rooster

  1. 2017 is the Year of the Rooster. There are 12 animals representing the Chinese zodiac. Those born in that animal’s year are believed to adopt its traits and characteristics.
  2. Several Asian countries celebrate. Although it is commonly known as Chinese New Year, the lunar holiday is actually recognized by one-fifth of the world’s population, including in Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia, and North and South Korea.
  3. Lucky red envelopes are gifts of money. Younger children and employees are often gifted with decorative red envelopes by older siblings, parents or employers that contain “lucky money.”
  4. Holiday dates vary each year. The dates for Chinese New Year depend on the phases of the moon and can fall anywhere from Jan. 21 to Feb. 20.
  5. Lunar New Year lasts 15 days. On the 16th day of the holiday, a Lantern Festival and Dragon Dance at nightfall mark the end of the festivities until the following year’s new moon.

Rooster traits

Chinese New Year Paper Crafts

Print several patterns on a variety of paper stock that can be turned into fun and educational crafts for children.

Paper Fortune Cookie

Recommended Print Product: 70# offset opaque letterhead

  1. Cut 4″ circles out of the decorative paper for the cookies.
  2. Write fortunes on small strips of white paper.
  3. Place fortune in center of circle.
  4. Gently fold down the top side without creasing or folding all the way.
  5. Fold the bottom half over and press in the center to form a bend/crease.
  6. Pinch the sides together.
  7. Put a dab of hot glue on the inside of the crease.
  8. Hold fortune cookie in place for a few seconds to allow glue to dry.


DIY Paper Fortune Cookies

Create your own fortunes with some decorative craft paper and a little glue. From


Paper Lanterns

Recommended Print Product: 110# premium uncoated flyer

  1. Fold paper in half lengthwise to create a crease.
  2. Mark a 1″ line from the edge opposite of the crease.
  3. Measure and draw a line every 1/2″ from the folded end. Cut the lines from the folded end up to the marked line from the edge.
  4. Unfold the lantern and join the ends with tape or glue to create a cylinder.
  5. To decorate, adhere ribbon along the top and bottom edges.
  6. To hang, cut leftover paper into strips and attach at the top on the inside of the lantern.


DIY Chinese paper lantern

Light up any room with homemade paper lanterns. From


Origami Rooster

Recommended Print Product: Unfolded 100# aqueous gloss finish brochure

  1. Cut paper into a square. Fold square piece of paper in half to make a crease, then unfold.
  2. Fold two adjacent edges to meet at the center crease.
  3. Fold the remaining triangular piece backwards.
  4. Fold the two bottom edges to meet at the center crease.
  5. Pull out the pocket.
  6. Flatten the pockets.
  7. Fold the two points down and pointed out.
  8. Fold the paper backwards in half at the center crease.
  9. Create a hood fold on the solid end at an angle.
  10. On that fold, create a smaller hood fold at an angle.
  11. On the opposite end, create a pocket fold.
  12. Cut both sides to create two tails.
  13. Open both tails.
  14. From the leftover paper, cut a small piece and color red to stick on top of the rooster’s head.
  15. Draw in eyes.


origami rooster

Celebrate the Year of the Rooster with these origami figures.


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