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Will You Be My Valentine? How to Attract Customers

Just like dating, it takes some time to find “the one” in business. Establishing a strong foundation doesn’t happen in the span of a speed dating session, and neither does finding and attracting the right customers.

How To Attract Customers - blog


Searching for your perfect match starts with knowing your type.


arm candy

Basing compatibility solely on appearances may affect the future stability of a relationship in love and business.

For the Dater, physical attraction may be the most important factor for some daters. Getting to know someone’s personality, however, can lead to a happily ever after.

For the Marketer, businesses need to serve ads to a clearly defined target audience. A visually stunning Facebook ad may attract a few glances but won’t get any clicks if it does not meet the customer’s interest.



If you’re looking more than a May to December romance, get to know someone’s likes and dislikes.

For the Dater, narrowing down a few key qualities, like sense of humor, career ambitions, etc., can help a couple establish a stronger foundation beyond physical attraction.

For the Marketer, observing shopper behavior can help businesses better tailor marketing to potential customers. Are shoppers young adults, middle-aged or retirees? What are the busiest days and times? What is the average spend and on what items?


matching wedding shoes

Seek out your soul mate by combining beauty and brains – someone who is both physically attractive and like-minded as yourself.

For the Dater, someone who mirrors your exact personality and ideals can seem like the ultimate love match, but what if opposites attract?

For the Marketer, create a customer profile by researching demographics, shopping behavior, lifestyle preferences, etc. By conducting a customer survey, a business is able to conduct niche marketing and serve ads to its exact customer base to maximize lead capture and increase ROI.


Determining where to meet someone new first depends on the type of personality and relationship one is seeking.


Those who head to the bar are typically looking to meet someone organically. He or she is interested in extroverts who are generally open to making new acquaintances over cocktails.

This dater hopes the right pick-up line (SALES PITCH) will turn a chance meeting (COLD LEAD) into a potential date (PROSPECT) for a better chance to impress (CONVERSION).

For the Marketer, placing flyers in the store window will limit its reach to those who happen to be passing by (COLD LEAD).


Customer review
Verified customer reviews boost a business’ credibility among consumers.

One-on-one introductions through mutual friends or acquaintances allows others to vouch for one’s eligibility. In this case, he or she is looking for someone who already has something in common.

This dater wants to make a quick connection right off the bat. Having the endorsement of others and/or sharing similar interests (WARM LEAD) could build trust and speed up the process of finding a suitable match (CONVERSION).

For the Marketer, ask existing customers to advocate the brand through word-of-mouth or social media. Building partnerships with nearby stores could also boost referral business.


engagement ring

Dating site users know their exact type – checking off a list of acceptable qualities before an in-person meeting.

This dater wastes no time, fully assessing compatibility (QUALIFIED LEAD) before even investing in a first date. Pre-qualifying a potential mate could help secure a love connection (CONVERSION).

For the Marketer, placing ads in other places that shoppers frequent can bring customers in the door. A women’s clothing boutique, for example, can place digital and print ads at related stores, such as shoe retailers, beauty shops or fashion blogs.


owl wedding toppers

After pinpointing the most compatible qualities and best place to meet someone new, it’s time to solidify that love connection. Identifying your niche audience and their shopping habits, both online and offline, are critical to attracting the right customers to your business.

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