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5 Budget-Friendly Print Products for Small Businesses

How can your small business make the most of a modest marketing budget? Using just the right print product packs the same powerful punch as any of the big boys. Maximize your advertising dollars with these print marketing ideas.

1. Announce special sales and events

Retail Marketing Flyers

When new products hits the shelves, make sure customers know exactly what is on sale. Marketing flyers are the ideal medium to announce a new arrival or store location grand opening. Be sure to include event dates along with your logo, location, hours and website or social media handle.

2. Offer discounts and deals

Retail Marketing Rack Card

Keep customers coming back again and again with effective and affordable direct mail postcards. Offer exclusive deals to first-time buyers or discounts for referrals from frequent shoppers through this tried-and-true print product.

3. Take professional product shots

Custom Marketing Bookmarks

What better way to appeal to their senses than with enticing pictures of delicious, freshly made treats? Use a 2″ x 6″ bookmark as a canvas for professional product shots that practically sell themselves.

4. Show off your resume

Marketing Brochures

For skill-based services, let clients know your qualifications with a tri-fold brochure featuring your background and available services. Impress with statistics or infographics backed by customer testimonials and awards or recognitions.

5. Provide a portfolio

Wedding Photo Booklet

Creative professionals can seal the deal by sharing actual examples with potential clients. Opt for a handy saddle-stitched booklet to show off your catalog of portrait photography, handcrafted art pieces and other custom-made products.

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