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6 Brilliant Office Pranks for April Fool’s Day

It’s the one day a year you can get away with pranking your co-workers. You guessed it, we’re talking about April Fool’s Day. Make use of common print products to pull off these 10 hilarious office pranks that’ll make the 6 a.m. alarm and 45 minutes in traffic totally worth it.

  1. Purr-fect Prank

    Is your co-worker a professed dog lover? Pull off the purr-fect prank. Hang up a cat poster, tape cutouts of cat posters all over their desk and replace the screen saver with cute kittens. Let’s just hope their bark is worse than their bite when they meet their purr-ty new desk mate.

    Cat lover April Fools office prank

  2. Meeting Mix-Up

    What’s the biggest time-waster of every office? Meetings. You’ll want to grab a notepad for this one though. Stick a note on everyone’s desk for an “Urgent All-Hands Meeting” in Conference Room A, but only for half the staff. Repeat with the other half and have them meet 15 minutes later in Conference Room B. Start the clock to see how long it takes your co-workers to figure out where the other half went.

    The Office conference room April Fools office prank

  3. Take Note

    Keep that notepad from the previous prank handy for this next one. You know that one co-worker who never takes notes at meetings? Give them something to write home about, or rather, ride home in.

    Sticky notes car April Fools office prank

  4. You’re Being Watched

    The week before April Fool’s Day, whisper to your co-worker that you think he or she is being watched by the boss and walk away. When the auspicious day arrives, plaster their office with custom postcards of the boss’ headshot downloaded from the company website. Now watch their priceless reaction when it finally clicks.

    Boss postcard April Fools office prank

  5. Cat and Mouse

    You’ll have your co-worker chasing their tail with this cheesy prank. You’ll need a business card and marker. Tape the card under the computer mouse to block the laser. When they finally lift up the mouse to investigate, the card will say “April Fool’s!” across it.

    Computer mouse April Fools office prank

  6. Stapler in Jello

    There’s always the classic stapler in Jello trick that’s sure to shake things up. Pick your “Dwight,” swipe his or her most prized office supply the night before, set it in gelatin overnight, then hide it in their desk the next morning. You’ve now successfully recreated your favorite episode from The Office in real-life.

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