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Such a festive holiday as St. Patrick’s Day calls for sales and more sales. The color green alone represents generosity and being practical, both characteristics encompass what a sale is. Why not use this fun holiday to encourage and invite customers into your business? 

Marketing your business in one way or another for St. Patrick’s Day can only present benefits. It allows your business another chance to push your business locally, gain awareness, and of course continue to grow. Sitting back and not jumping at chances to market will only bring setbacks and failure. What’s great about marketing is it can be effective without overspending. Our printing prices are among the lowest online, but still possess professional quality. In this blog i discuss three products. Whether you use one or all, they make for a terrific ROI. 


The first product that comes to mind is our Standard Business Card. This product is perfect for in-house coupons. Let’s say a customer visits your restaurant or any business for that matter and purchases from you. Pile onto their great experience by giving them an incentive to come back soon with a coupon. Get festive by using a bright green color along with the offer of your choice. We offer 4:4 color printing across all of our business cards. Place images, text, and vibrant colors without any worries or hassles. 



The next product i want to introduce is our 15pt card stock Postcards. I suggest using our EDDM to send out postcards to your surrounding local community. Reach out as far as 5 miles, all the way down to a quarter of a mile away from your business. 

This service is undoubtedly efficient and effective and can target potential customers that are not aware of your business. Placing a discount or coupon on your postcard will only increase the likelihood of first time customers stopping by. Why is this? It’s close to their residency, appealing quality, and of course the incentive. 

Last but certainly not least is our posters. Made on professional paper stock and finished with a soft layer of our 100lb aqueous gloss, these posters are one-of-a-kind. We also offer six unique sizes to fulfill your needs and expectations. Posters are a great marketing tool because they allow you to reach mass audiences. Not only will you receive that, but you also will be saving big on printings finest. Extend your reach, be catchy, and grab attention with the product that demands to be seen. St-Patrick's-Day-16


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Looking through my garage the other day, I had a vision of myself on an upcoming episode of “Hoarders.”  If you can at all sympathize with this feeling, it may be time to look through your closets, attics, and garages and gather everything that is no longer needed (like, for example, the stationary bike with the pedals that have been similarly stationary for quite some time now). Put outdated clothing (e.g. the flannels from your “grunge” period) and items that no longer fit into a pile. Once this project is complete, you will likely have quite an inventory. Before donating it, consider having a yard sale. The weather is warm and a yard sale is a great excuse to get outdoors.

Aside from enjoying the sunshine, you can make some decent cash by selling unwanted belongings. However, this event will only be successful if your advertising is effective. Online ads are convenient and often low-priced but not everyone is computer-savvy. In some towns, yard sale patronage is comprised of the older generation and many of these folks do not own a mastery of the computer.

Capture their attention by using online printing to create full-color posters and attach them to street signs and telephone poles at major intersections. This advertising lets everyone know where and when the event will be held. They are large enough to fit a brief description of what will be sold as well as some photographs of these items.

While tumbleweeds are blowing through the yards of other sales in town, your yard will be jammed with shoppers. It may even be necessary to do another quick run-through of the home  during mid-morning in order to gather more items to sell. At the end of the day, the yard will be bare and you may very well have a large wad of cash in your pocket…not to mention room to actually park your car in the garage.



I often think that the fan version of the movie poster is better than the real version! These particular poster designs have been created by extremely talented artists and designers who have used amazing visual language, artistic skill, and conceptual thinking to create some inspirational work. I hope that these designs inspire you in your own poster design work!

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