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How Print Marketing is Like Dating


Don’t be a “One-date Wonder,” and turn your prospects away in 90 seconds or less with bad print marketing materials. Instead create lasting happy relationships with your customers, by following the tips in this article.

With the advent of Tweets, Likes, SMS, and retargeting, why would you possibly want to use old-fashioned Print Marketing to grow your small business? Even the term “PRINT MARKETING” might elicit a yawn and eye roll. And conjure up images of typewriters and rotary phones. You’re thinking “been there, done that. Next. “ But actually it can be the exact opposite.

Think of it like dating. When done correctly, Print Marketing can WOW’ your audience – setting the foundation for a lasting, healthy, happy romance.
Like a first date, when the chemistry, attraction and connection are aligned, its fireworks. But when they’re off, it’s more like “uhh…umm.. just got an emergency call. Sorry gotta go.” The prospect is gone forever.

Avoid being a “one-date wonder.” Impress your prospects, and set the tone for a long term, mutually blissful romance.

Follow these tips with your next print marketing campaign:

Consider the following:

Paper/Appearance: Is it glossy, thick and impressive, exuding class, character and quality, or is it flimsy, lame, and cheap?

Color/Clothing: Is the color scheme eye-catching? Does it make a statement, and stand out in the sea of masses, or is it bland, boring, and dull?

Font/Style: Are the fonts crisp, clean, and easy to read? Do they have pizzazz and punch? Or are they tired and worn out, or cold and callous? Do you have to strain to read the message?

Messaging: Is it personal and inviting? Does it give the prospect the impression the suitor knows something about him or her? Is it crisp and clear-or desperate and long-winded?

Call to Action: Is your call to action compelling? Does it convince the recipient to pick up the phone or visit your website? Does it offer a discount or free gift? Does it provide a deadline, encouraging the reader to act now? Or is it buried in a sea of clutter? Is it vague, and lackluster? Or worse, sound like bait and switch?

Convenience/Contact info: Is it simple to reach you (did you provide you web address, phone number, social media, etc.)? Or does the reader have to hunt for the phone number or go online and search for the location or url?

Like a first date, print mail can set the foundation for a happy, healthy relationship, without hounding or hard selling. Add a little finesse to your next print campaign by following the tips above, and you’ll be on your way to long-term, rewarding courtship.

Courtney’s Action Items

  • Describe your target audience in 4 words or less. For example, women, 25-55, working, moms.
  • List 2 concerns or needs they have that your product can address. For example, stressed, tired.
  • Match each concern with a solution you offer. Choose words that convey emotion.for example, if you’re a massage therapist, write “relax after a long hard week”, or “restore tired muscles, pamper yourself”. Think “Why should the buyer choose me?”
  • Condense this info a bit and you have the key points for your mailer. Add your contact info and a compelling call to action, like shop now to get free shipping or buy one get one half off-Offer good through the end of the month.
  • Choose an online printer and use this information to create a riveting mailer or handout.

By:Courtney Knapp

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