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Presenting the Pocket Folder

It’s really easy to give sales presentations, reports and school projects a polished, organized and professional look with a custom presentation folder.

Pocket Folder

Customize a presentation folder with a business name, logo, image or all three. Use your business colors or choose a fun color for kid’s projects. You can personalize your folder on the front and back, and the front of the two inside pockets. The inside pockets give this product its alternate name: pocket folder.

Designing pocket folders isn’t hard, but there are some tricks to it.

This Side Up
The biggest design mistake is to forget that content for the pocket fronts must be upside down on the layout. See the template below.

To speed along the design process you can download start files like the one above for both front and back templates.

Save Money
The pocket flaps are folded into place after printing. That means that the front and back covers and the inside pocket facings are all printed as one side. So there’s no need to go to the extra expense of double-sided printing unless you absolutely must. And if you must, remember that the lower third of the inside covers will be obscured by the flaps.

Quality Stock = Quality Impression
It’s important to use a heavy (at least 14 pt.), durable paper stock. Flimsy, easily torn paper stock will leave a poor impression.

A Place for Business Cards
A good presentation folder will have a slot for a business card cut into one of the inside pocket flaps. Make sure you don’t place content within this zone—unless, of course, it’s intentional. For instance, the company address and phone number could be printed here so if the card is removed (which you hope it is) basic contact info remains.

Finishing Touch
A glossy coating can help achieve a classy feel for a high-tech company, but a more unfinished matte look might be better for a landscaper.

Matching Collateral
The brochures, sell sheets and letterhead inside the presentation folder should match. A common design element, color palette or logo placement will help make your custom presentation folder a valuable leave-behind, showcasing the company and demonstrating your attention to detail.

High Quality Pocket Folders
Our presentation folders are the classic 4” deep two-pocket folder with a die cut for a business card. We print with four colors on premium 14pt paper stock. You can choose between satin matte and UV gloss finish.


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