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Pro’s and Con’s of Postcard Marketing

Are you one of many small business owners who has spent thousands of dollars on online advertising, and have nothing to show for it? If so, you’re not alone.

  • Postcard Marketing might be the solution: It may not be quite as sexy, but postcard marketing just might be the tried-and-true alternative you’re looking for.
  • While the cost of postage has skyrocketed, the advances in technology and creativity have equipped us with a host of tools and resources for smart design.
  • The onset of the digital age has revolutionized snail mail. It has become a novelty, and rare treat. Furthermore, society is losing its apathy toward direct mail.

Direct mail is gaining a new respect, and earning the attention of thousands of consumers. If you haven’t yet conducted a postcard marketing campaign, get on board. It’s an effective, affordable and enjoyable avenue to increase traffic and sales.

Pros and Cons of Postcard Marketing


  • Postcards serve as great reminders for promotions/sales.
  • Postcards help spread the word and increase awareness.
  • You can target specific customers without wasting money on mass mailings.
  • Postcard marketing promotes your brand and enhances your existing marketing efforts.
  • You can ensure greater attendance at your event, by sending out save the date postcards.
  • They’re affordable and easy to create. Websites like Overnight Prints allow you to upload your customer list, and they’ll do the mailing for you!
  • Postcards are durable and can be printed on high quality, glossy paper.
  • They’re non- intrusive, they don’t interrupt people when they’re online.


  • You have limited space to write your message.
  • You risk the “junk factor”: some people open their mail over the trash can.
  • Postcards require a mailing list, and that requires upkeep.
  • Tracking the results can be more difficult than digital advertising.
  • Several postcard mailings are required before you will see an impact.

Steve Arun, founder of, has over ten years of experience in postcard marketing. Here are four of his top tips for using a postcard as a marketing device:

  1. On a postcard, do not include everything that comes to your mind. The postcard should not look too heavy. It should go easy on the eyes.
  2. Do not include more than one action in a postcard. The recipient should know what is expected of him. By adding more than one call to action you are confusing him.
  3. Do not try to sell anything on a postcard. No one is going to buy anything after receiving a postcard from an unknown sender, so it is advisable to use it as attention grabber, and once you have his attention direct it to your website where you can pitch your product.
  4. Include an offer of valuable giveaways. This will lower any perceived barriers, and make your message more memorable

Need inspiration? See how some of our customers are using postcards:



By:Courtney Knapp

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