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The Importance of Good Print quality when creating Photo Postcards


At Overnight Prints, we have a lot of professional photography customers who use our products to advertise themselves and their work. They print with us because we supply an offset product that does their photographs justice! There is no point in going through the complicated photographic process of shooting, proofing, and processing your prints (especially if you use traditional methods) if you’re going to print your self-promotional products dirt-cheap at a company that supplies only digital prints! Much of the sharp resolution, color, and tone of your photographs will be lost if you decide to go this route!


Of course, OvernightPrints is not your only choice for online offset printing, but the fact that we have such a large designer and photographer customer base is testament to the product that we can provide! Even if you’re a photographer who specializes in black and white prints, it’s really important that you choose offset printing rather than digital. The subtle changes in black and white tone and color change cannot be picked up with digital printing! The blacks created by an offset process look really deep and rich in comparison to a digital print process.


Beautiful postcard print by Dragonfly Designs - printed by Overnight Prints
Beautiful birth announcement postcard print by Dragonfly Ink Designs – to do the photo justice it required printing with a 4-color offset process

Professional photographer, Kelly Howell of requires very sharp and color specific printing to represent her sweet little subjects. She uses because we are able to closely replicate the colors in her original photographs. Digital printing cannot produce rich tones and color. The example (above) is one of Kelly’s birth announcement designs. If you were to print this photograph using a digital print provider, the subtle pink, red, brown, and purple tones in the beautiful baby portrait would be lost!


What is the difference between Digital & Offset Printing?


Offset Printing


In offset printing, the desired print image is burned to a plate and then transferred (or offset) from the plate to a rubber sheet, and then to the printing surface, where jobs are printed using ink. This  process is repeated 4 times for all the “subtractive primary colors” (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). The 4 run offset process is very “hands-on” and complex –  based on the repulsion of oil and water which creates a very high quality image.


Digital Printing


Although the process has improved greatly over the past 10 years, there’s no getting away from the fact that digital printing has a lot in common with desktop printing! Many of the steps required for offset printing are eliminated (ie, making films and color proofs, and making plates). The process uses chemicals and light sensitive materials to produce your image rather than overlaying four colors to create an image.


When it comes to really short run printing, or variable printing, then there’s no denying that digital printing has its advantages.  but the print choice is an easy one for designers and photographers who really care about the color and quality of their promotions.


Digital printing is fine for customers who are willing to compromise on color and quality, but designers and photographers who are creating Photo Postcards and other print promotions should think twice about choosing the inferior print option.


  • Photographs and designs courtesy of Dragonfly Ink Designs – Tulsa OK Children’s Photographer & Graphic Designer – designing special party invitations, birth announcements and personalized cards.

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