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Creating your own Business Card file for print

I have been busy the last couple of weeks creating video presentation files for the Overnight Prints website. This is the first of these presentation files that have been created to show our customers how to prepare a file correctly for upload to the Overnight Prints website.

So, for the benefit of our customers as well as our designer and creative friends, here’s the YouTube version of my little Photoshop tutorial movie:


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    This may work all fine and well for an online printing/ordering system, but in the real world, designers use Illustrator (or a vector art application) for creating business cards.

    Believe me, printers appreciate this more…

    1. Avatar

      Hi Simply Design,
      I really have to disagree with you that Illustrator is the only program that designers should use to create print files.

      Yes! I cannot deny that vector files (even ones converted into raster files prior to printing) can be sharper and more defined, however, there are a hundred reasons why a graphic designer, photographer, or other design professional would create a print file in Photoshop rather than Illustrator. Don’t get me wrong, I love creating artwork in Illustrator, but it has it’s limitations (so does Photoshop). It all depends on the designers experience, the effect they want to create, a text/logo -based design or an image based design, etc.

      To claim that designers in the “real world” only use Illustrator for print files is simply not true.

      In relation to this post, I will be creating a presentation file on creating your business card for print using Illustrator as well!

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