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Halloween #SpookMeONP Design Contest

Happy Halloween! Overnight Prints is happy to announce @kit_silvertales as the winner of #SpookMeONP Instagram design contest!


WINNER: @kit_silvertales

To celebrate Hallows’ Eve, Instagram users tagged Halloween-inspired drawings and designs with Overnight Prints‘ #SpookMeONP during the month of October. The winning design features a watercolor and gold ink painting of a mage fox adorned with a ram skull against a twilight background. The #inktober illustration by @kit_silvertales was both original and imaginative.



Inspired by music, books, mythology and history, award-winning illustrator Kit Steele works mostly in watercolors, inks and Copic markers along with acrylics and charcoal to create her artwork.


What began as a sketch turned into a full series of animal mages featuring other animals including a bear, stag and raven.


SpookMeONP winning illustration
Fox-inspired shaman by @kit_silvertales wins Overnight Prints’ #SpookMeONP contest.


“The fox painting started as a mage or shaman concept doodle. I love foxes and have always been interested in the idea of animal spirits in the various mythologies of the world,” Steele shared. “It quickly took on a life of its own and became the start of a six-image painting series.”


Each of Steele’s drawings take up to two hours to complete depending on the level of detailing involved. Paintings from start to finish, like her #SpookMeONP fox, can range from two to six hours.


A video posted by Kit Steele (@kit_silvertales) on


A loyal Overnight Prints customer for three years, Steele has ordered double-sided 4×6 postcards and double-sided business cards with rounded corners for Silvertales, a selection of Steele’s 8.5×11 prints.


“I’ve recommended Overnight Prints to multiple people!” she added.


More of the illustrator’s artwork can be seen at different shows, including the Alamo City Comic Con, a premier pop culture event held Oct. 28-30 in San Antonio, Texas.


HONORABLE MENTION: @lauralorenz88


Honorable mention goes to @lauralorenz88, another fellow artist who submitted Dia de los Muertos-themed designs for #inktober to #SpookMeONP.


Using just black ink pens for her illustrations, Laura Lorenz is strongly influenced with Japanese manga and anime.


Pumpkin ink drawing
Anime influences @lauralorenz88’s Halloween-inspired drawings.


Lorenz learned about Overnight Prints’ blogs and design contests through social media.


“I recently discovered Overnight Prints blogs and online design contests on Instagram,” she shared. “It is a pleasure to discover what Overnight Prints is doing, and I look forward to discovering more.”


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