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More Wedding Products For Your Special Day!

Weddings are a special time, a special day that we hold forever in our hearts. There is no such thing as going too far with wedding supplies, decorations and more. That perhaps is the beauty of the wedding experience. It can be made into whatever we want and there are absolutely no limits.

If you have read our last couple of blogs, you will have noticed we are celebrating “Wedding Month.” You will have also noticed we offer many products that can be transformed into unique wedding pieces. On the last blog i talk about save-the-dates, flyers and more of our common products. Now, it’s time to take a step out of the ordinary and dive into the extraordinary.

The recommendation is a stylish booklet. Turn these into your own wedding photobook. Choose from outstanding paper stocks like 80# and 100# distinguished paper. Both of these stocks are impeccable for images and really bring out great color and image quality. What’s great about our booklets is they are created with the finest and utmost professional quality for a fair price. Place all your wedding photos into one dazzling booklet!

Keep one for yourself, and send these off to your family and bridal party. Everyone loves remembering great moments, and this is something they will not only keep but treasure forever. Overnight Prints makes sure you are able to place all your images by having options as low as 8-page booklets all the way to 48. If you have a custom order question, please email our marketing team at


Another product that may seem out of the ordinary is our pocket folders. It’s the perfect spot to keep all those legal documents and marriage papers. This quality pocket folder will protect your important papers for a very long time. However, it’s not just any folder that you can purchase at the store. It’s a folder that is customized the way you want and extremely personal.

There are two different gloss options we have available for this product. First is our satin matte finish, which leaves the paper with no glare and a very solid finish. Our second gloss is none other than our Full Gloss. This gloss leaves the paper very luminous, reflective and enhances color. Upload your own design or even use our Design Services! Our team of expert designers will speak directly to you and help your design dreams come true!


This last product is perhaps my favorite product of them all. It’s very unique and has a tasteful look to it. Our self-inking stamps are perfect for getting used to and flaunting your married life! When you send out your thank you letters, sign them all with your names perfectly together in-style. It’s an elegant finish to mark the end of your wedding and beginning of your marriage. Choose from large stamps or small, and have the ability to create your very own!


As you can see, we offer an extensive range of wedding products that seem to never end. If you want the perfect wedding pieces to complement your wedding as a whole, it all starts here. Save money and get the same professional quality you would anywhere else. If you’re looking to get started but have questions please call 888-677-2000!

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