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Overnight Prints Offers Printing of New Cookie Types Adds New Cookie Types


LAS VEGAS, NV (Feb 10, 2020) – Beginning February 10th, Overnight Prints announced three new ways to sweeten every deal. Up until now, the company has offered the custom printing of delicious vanilla-flavored cookies with royal icing. Overnight Prints has now added three new bakery-fresh options to their custom cookie basket, including macarons, ginger thins, and white chocolate covered Oreos. All these ready-to-eat temptations can be personalized with photo, logo or perfect picture to make it as unique as the event or celebration they’re created for. 

Our custom printed vanilla sugar cookies have been very popular since our launch two years ago, as they make a creative gift or a memorable give-away for personal and professional events.”, said Janell Awong, Overnight Prints Marketing Director. “The introduction of new cookie types offers the possibility to provide cookies that suit the individual needs of each customer even better.”  

The French-style macarons with a diameter of 1.5 inches are available in four flavors and colors. One can choose between indulgent yellow vanilla macarons, sinful brown chocolate macarons, nutty green pistachio macarons, and fruity pink raspberry macarons. Customers can choose between small quantities of 50 or 100, but it is also possible to order up to 10,000 macarons.  

The crispy ginger thin cookies are great for every fan of the zingy taste of gingerThese irresistible, perfectly thin and delectable favorites are available in quantities of 1,000. The largest available quantity is 10,000. 

The highlight is the customization of the world’s best-selling chocolate sandwich cookie. The personalized Oreo offered by Overnight Prints is dipped in gourmet white chocolate, then delicately overlaid with the customer’s personal image. These custom hand-dipped gourmet cookies can be ordered from a quantity of 24 up to 10,000. 

No matter which type of cookie is selected, customers can be sure that they will always get delicious and originally decorated cookies. The personalized pastries perfectly serve personal and professional functions, such as family gatherings and celebrations, holiday parties and corporate gifting.  

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