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Special Gifts for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to tell your special loved one that you care. One of the most recognizable ways to show love is with a Valentine’s Day card. The majority of cards given are ones most often found in grocery stores and few people actually go online to personalize and configure a card. With it just the beginning of February, plan ahead and create a heart-felt, special card for your loved one.

Going down and just grabbing a Valentine’s Day card off the rack is quick and easy to do. Not even adding a signature and a brief message can really make a store-bought care special. Although cute, most of these types of cards are thrown away or forgotten. It’s the day of romance, love and admiration. If you truly want to give them something that comes from the heart is to give them a custom, completely unique card.

So, why go into Valentine’s Day trying to make it as meaningful and personal as possible? You can’t be true to yourself and your loved ones without without making an effort when others are in mind. Yes, greeting cards are a staple of the season but that doesn’t mean taking the time to choose the right card and adding the right message won’t result in a truly loving, giving present. Writing from your heart is one of the most intimate, loving ways to express yourself to your loved ones. Create a truly memorable, heartfelt card this Valentine’s Day for your dearest friends, family and loved ones. Overnight Prints’ greeting cards use the best quality 12pt card stock. Each card also comes with a protective layer of shiny gloss, which brings out the color and enhances the appearance of your personal card.

Having trouble coming up with ideas for your card? Just remember to K.I.S, or keep it simple. Focus on the three Valentine’s Day primary colors: which are red, white and pink. Think simply, and don’t try to create something that complicates your message or the greeting card. Your card should reflect the relationship and love you have for that special someone. Don’t be afraid to be funny in your card. Simply be true to who you are.


Valentine’s Day is also great for expressing love for your children. For kids, this day is spent receiving and passing out small cards that come with the sweetness of a treat. Our bookmarks are a splendid way for your child to give something unique and fun to all their classmates. Not only will they give out something sweet but they will have a fun time creating their card with you! Let them be a part of the designing process with you and let their imaginations run wild! These bookmarks are made of super thick 15pt card stock and will perfectly fit in a Valentine’s Day lollipop. Just look at the following below!

valentines-onp valentines-onp

Make this Valentine’s a memorable one for your family and friends with the products that pull it all together. Visit today and get started!

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