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As an advertiser on the Affiliate Window network for over two years, leading online printing company, Overnight Prints, is introducing a ‘relaunch’ of our affiliate program in efforts to reinvigorate publisher partnerships as well as grow our publisher base with new and fresh publishers. The following is an interview with Affiliate Window about what publishers can expect from the relaunch.

What was the decision for relaunching the Overnight Prints affiliate program?

In analyzing consumer behavior, data shows that performance marketing is one of the best channels for generating new leads and acquiring customers. Relaunching the Overnight Prints affiliate program with Affiliate Window is part of a strategic plan to work with reliable, capable partners that have a quality customer base in order to expand our online reach.

What can publishers expect from the program relaunch?

With the relaunch comes potential for publishers to earn higher commissions!  We believe working with publishers is the best way to reach our customers, so we are offering attractive commissions, up to 18% per sale!

What makes Overnight Prints different from competitors?

ONP offers quality print products at competitive rates. Customers can create custom designs on any of our print products for use from personal announcements to corporate promotions. Not offered by any other online printing company, our unique B.I.T.G.I.T. program lets customers ‘Buy It Today and Get It Tomorrow’ for orders placed by 8 p.m. EST.

Since launching the program, have you utilized any Affiliate Window tools and technology including cross-device tracking, the Opportunity Marketplace or payment-per-assist?

We find tremendous value in Affiliate Window’s tools. ONP plans on taking advantage of the advanced technology to further research user demographics and traffic patterns, as well as consumer behavior and engagement. To expand our digital marketing program, we will seek out more quality partners and placements through the Opportunity Marketplace.

As we are approaching Q3, what are your overall goals for the performance channel for the remainder of the year?

Our goals are to expand our publisher database and increase quality traffic and acquisition rate.

Interested in partnering with Overnight Prints? Join the program or contact Marketing Director Sravani Atluri at

Affiliate Window



Trade shows are one of the most effective forms of face-to-face marketing for both B2C and B2B companies. Mastering event marketing is essential to standing out in a sea of competitors and attracting prospects.

  1. Stock up on business cards, or have the design file on hand in case you run out. Among the many attendees will be key decision-makers and qualified leads, so be prepared to exchange contact information. It is good practice to find a printer ahead of your arrival who can accommodate print requests either same day or overnight.Trade show floor
  2. Giveaways that make them stay. The promotional bags and products industry rakes in $19.4 billion per year, and trade shows are among the biggest spenders. Swag should match the theme of your company culture, marketing campaign, or trade show theme, location or season to help attendees relate to and recall your product after the show has ended.

Functional giveaways, such as mobile device chargers or power banks, are great for attendees and exhibitors whose cell phones typically run out of juice by lunch.

Mobile device charger


Seasonal items, such as flip flops or sunglasses, work well for shows taking place in the summer or at beach destinations. If the show is scheduled during rainy season or in a city with unpredictable weather, consider branded umbrellas for a thoughtful and portable giveaway that can be reused.

Go crazy! Even if the giveaway is somewhat impractical, the story is so memorable that the recipient will tell it over and over, like these wacky gifts.

  1. Have knowledgeable and approachable booth staff. Exhibitors can either send their internal sales team to the show or hire and train local representatives. Consider the benefits and disadvantages for each when deciding which is best for your company, but most importantly, invest time into booth staff training so that your company is well represented.Convention booth staff


Pros Cons
    • Sales representatives are intimately familiar with your products and service, and therefore, do not require product knowledge training
    • Selling over the phone differs from face-to-face interactions, and so, may require separate field training
    • Sales teams with opportunities to earn commission will be more incentivized to sell
    • Travel and lodging expenses may add to overhead costs


Pros Cons
    • Professional booth staff are able to act as brand ambassadors
    • Staffers may not be able to answer specific questions about the product or company
    • Hiring locals reduces travel and lodging expenses
    • Exhibitors may need to send internal staff to train representatives


  1. Be social. Guests feel more welcomed when booth staff are standing to greet them. To keep staff members from getting too tired during a show, arrange shorter 2-4 hour time slots and rotate schedules throughout the day so that they can take lunch breaks, rest and visit other booths. 

Attendees appreciate comfortable seating within the booth. This also allows exhibitors an extra opportunity to converse with and convert prospects into leads.

  1. Update booth graphics and creatives each year. Many exhibitors attend the same trade shows and conventions each year. Attendees often remember the appearance of a booth, even if moved to a different location. A refreshed marketing campaign can attract curious attendees by using different colors, creating a new tagline or rearranging the booth orientation.

Print collateral should also match the campaign’s overall look and feel. Maintaining a cohesive theme throughout digital marketing efforts and with print materials, such as flyers, brochures and mailers, will keep attendees engaged before, during and after the show.


Visit for your convention printing needs.



Congratulations, grad! You made it!

Now you can forget all about those late-night study sessions and writing term papers up to the last minute. Just remember the good times – inside jokes at lunch, dancing at prom night, and of course, walking across the stage on graduation day. Share those memories with friends and family in the most unforgettable fashion.

DIY Yearbook

Make your own yearbook with your best friends. Collect all your favorite pictures from football games, school dances and senior pictures to first cars, first jobs and hanging out on the weekends. Make your own collages, and be sure to leave room for messages.

Grad Party Invites

Invite friends and family to the ultimate graduation party with custom postcards. Design a graduation party invitation with your senior pictures. And don’t forget to pass around your DIY yearbook, too.

Thank You Gift

Surprise your parents with a thank you gift for putting up with slumber parties, giving you and your friends rides to school, and funding your high school graduation party. Frame a poster with pictures of yourself through the years from childhood to a young adult. Be ready with a box of tissues when Mom opens the gift!

Official Stationery

Impress job interviewers by sending out cover letters and thank you notes with your title. For the finishing touch, order business cards to make it official.

Class Reunion Countdown

Can’t wait to see where your classmates will end up after graduation? Create calendars for 10 years from your graduation date to countdown to your class reunion with photos to relive the memories.

Visit to customize your graduation print products.



Coasters come in all shapes and sizes, but they all serve one purpose…or do they? Get inspired with some fun prints or creative uses with custom designed coasters.




Punch a hole and string ribbon through the top of your snowflake coaster to create a cute holiday gift tag that also doubles as a Christmas tree ornament.



Take your coasters outdoors! Turn them into giant lawn games at your next summer BBQ.

Connect Four: Build your own board with plywood and a little elbow grease.


Checkers: Paint a checkers board onto a large piece of cardboard and lay it out on your lawn for summertime fun. For nighttime fun, use glow-in-the-dark paint on alternating squares and glue different colored glow bracelets around the edge of the coasters to keep playing after the sun goes down.



Make it a party! Create custom coasters in a citrus theme and add the party date to pass out to friends and neighbors. Use acrylic paint to color some in yellow (lemon), green (lime) and pink (grapefruit).


Glue coasters onto pitchers to mark regular lemonade and pink lemonade for the kids, and margaritas for the adults. Serve drinks in mason jars with matching coasters glued to the bottom (garnish with a slice of lemon or lime).


Score and bend the coasters in half to look like citrus slices, and then string the banner.



Love agate coasters, but hate the price? Create custom coasters in your favorite print, then paint the edges of your coasters in gold to look like the natural stone. Add a personal touch by painting your initials in cursive.



Send out invites to your gender reveal party on a coaster. Continue the theme at the party with coasters printed in the color of your baby’s sex on one side. Place all the coasters face down, and when the time comes,  have your guests flip over the coaster to find out if you’re having a little prince or princess.




Get fanciful with save-the-date wedding coasters. Glue a magnet on the back to display on the refrigerator.


Commemorate your big day with customized coasters that guests can use during the wedding or bring home as party favors.


Celebrate your married life with a champagne toast and “Cheers to a wonderful life!”



Love your morning cup of joe? Get cheeky with coffee-inspired prints.



“Wine” down at the end of the day because it’s definitely 5 o’clock somewhere! Swap out your coffee mug for a glass of red or white.


Show us your love for coffee’s favorite companion – donuts! To celebrate Donut Day, we’re giving away 60 custom coasters. Simply share your favorite donut photo on our Facebook page and get the most likes to win. Voting ends on June 2, 2016 at 12:00 a.m.

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