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Going The Extra Mile: Mailing Service

How do you go the extra mile?  How does a person, a business, a company or anyone really step up and “go the extra mile?”  It’s a tough question to ask in this day and age as so many people are trying to cut so many corners to save money in a tough economy.  To me, going the extra mile simply means doing something that so few other people are willing to do, things you don’t have to do but that make all the difference in the world when you do. has always been just that to me, from the speed and amazing quality they’ve always given me with their business cards, to the perfect and professional responses anytime I have a question.

The “extra mile” I want to talk about today, however, is the mailing service they offer and just how insanely helpful it can be to your business.  Here’s the basic jist of what their mailing service and direct mail marketing service is all about:

Mailing List Services

Mailing Services from presents small business owners and other professionals with an opportunity to create a unique delivery list of target customers.

Direct Mail Marketing

Our all-in-one direct mail marketing service not only gives you the chance to search for millions of customers, but also allows you to deliver your print promotions to those customers. Upload your list today and begin targeting your most valuable customers.

It’s a basic 3 step process and what’s amazing about it is, if you don’t have a target customer list already created, OP can help and they’ll actually generate a list for you based on all of the criteria you give them.  Essentially you’re going to be guaranteeing that all of the information you send out ends up in the hands of exactly who would benefit you and your business most.  Can’t beat that, now can you?

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