How Businesses Can Give Back on Arbor Day

We’ve all heard of Earth Day, but what is Arbor Day? Let’s take it back to 1872 when Julius Sterling Morton first proposed the day to build awareness of the importance of trees. The tree hugger planted shade trees and orchards on his property and called on his neighbors to do the same.

Ideas for Arbor Day corporate volunteering

Today, National Arbor Day falls on the last Friday of April. Businesses can roll up their sleeves and join volunteer programs that help replant trees or donate toward sponsoring reforestation. Aside from getting your office workers out of their cubicles and into the outdoors, this offers various benefits for management.

  • Boost employee engagement
  • Strengthen company culture
  • Practice corporate social responsibility
  • Give back to community

corporate volunteers

Plant the seeds for a better planet Earth through these tree planting programs or donating:


Another way companies can help save trees year-round is to switch to a green printer for marketing materials. Leading online printer Overnight Prints {Link to Earth Day/Sustainability blog post} makes sure its recycled paper come from responsibly managed forests and is processed without environmentally harmful chemicals.

Ready to turn a new leaf? Visit Overnight Prints to learn more about its green printing practices.

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