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It’s Not Too Late To Order Your Holiday Essentials!

We all know the words to one of the greatest Christmas songs by the Carpenters, right?  “Greeting cards have all been sent the Christmas rush is through…but I still have one more greeting card to send is it a little too late?” OK, maybe I changed it up at the end. To answer the question, with Overnight Prints it’s still not too late to finish your holiday printing!

It’s hard to believe how quickly Christmas and New Year’s is approaching. The holiday season is coming to a close and it’s time to get those essentials.

Many people believe printing requires you to plan ahead because it can take a while. Overnight Prints knows that, while we all love to think we can plan ahead, sometimes life gets hectic. Actually, make that most of the time. We understand that our customers need fast turnaround times and this time of the year is crunch time. Thankfully we have been doing this for years and we are experts at providing quality products unbelievably fast.


The holiday season is all about giving the gift of joy and warming up our friends and family’s hearts. The ultimate final touch to any present is a holiday card. They can convey a message of love and happiness that no present can. The fun part about our greeting cards is customers are given the choice to either create their own or choose from an extensive collection of quality templates. Customers are able to create their own card online through our design program and choose from beautiful colors, fonts or place their own holiday images with a simple click.

Are you throwing a New Year’s bash? If so, invite all your friends over in stunning fashion by transforming your greeting card into a sensational invitation. Grab everyone’s attention by sending personal invites and set the mood for your upcoming party. If you happen to be short on time, don’t worry! We have templates for both New Year’s and holidays, all you have to do is place your text and send it off to be printed.

If your time is ticking and you don’t have time to design your own, remember to choose from our ready-to-print templates like the ones below.  

holiday-products holiday-products holiday-postcards

Another holiday essential we offer is our 15pt card stock postcards. Our postcards are the perfect way to send a cheerful holiday message to loved ones who are miles away. A simple postcard does not only form smiles, but it can bring warmth and love to the ones we care about most. Although miles stand between you and your closest family and friends, a custom postcard can bring you closer together.

Just like our greeting cards, our postcards also have many holiday templates to choose from. We have an array of dainty and exquisite cards. These templates are made for customers who don’t have much time and need something quick. The design is ready – all that is needed is a message and it’s ready for print!

Feeling Festive This Is The Card For You  holiday-products

Pinterest Look ⬇


                                Simple & Sweet New Years Card ⬇

The options are endless here at Overnight Prints. We love to help our customers through our process and we can’t wait to see what you create this holiday season. Please don’t forget to share your holiday products with us by either tagging us on Facebook or Instagram.

❆Happy Holidays from the Overnight Prints family to yours!❆


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