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How to Create Sweet Memories from the Event with Logo and Photo Cookies

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Events are always special occasions that tend to be remembered for years. But what if you could make them extra special with something unique and delicious? Overnight Prints offers custom printed cookies that can turn any event into a memorable experience. Let’s dive into how this works and the benefits of using picture cookies for any event. 

 Benefits of Using Picture Cookies for Your Event 

 A business can reap a number of advantages from using printed cookies for an event. Not only are they a delicious treat to celebrate an occasion, such as the launch of a new product, but they are also great for branding.  

  • Dish up creative custom-made cookies with business logos or pictures of products. This is a unique way to create long-lasting brand awareness and engagement with potential customers.  
  • Logos or personalized photos etched on the surface of cookies add a special element of fun to the event and provide guests with individualized takeaways that will remind them of your business and the event afterward.  
  • Photos or logo cookies are appealing and Instagrammable, making them great promotional tools. 
  • Presenting unique and charming treats can help improve both customer experience and business image. 
  •  An instant conversation starter. The uniqueness of the picture cookies will spark conversations among your guests and create lasting memories at your event. 
  • Printed cookies make it easy to advertise your business in an efficient and delicious way.  

 Here are some tips on how to create perfect picture cookies 

 At Overnight Prints, we make it easy to design custom printed cookies. Our selection of freshly-baked cookies is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. From Macarons with 4 delicious fillings, Oreo cookies, and crunchy sugar goodies in an array of shapes like round, square,  hearts, and stars – all printed with high quality images. Moreover, we offer an unbeatable combination of speed of delivery and value.  

 Choosing the Right Cookie Type, Shape and Design 

The right combination of shape and design suits the event’s atmosphere while delighting everyone’s taste buds. Whether a wedding or business gathering, create custom shapes to reflect the theme of the celebration like hearts for weddings or rectangular shapes as business cards. 

Some design inspiration for the event treats 

Let the event’s purpose and theme guide you in selecting a design:. 

  • For weddings, consider incorporating the couple’s monogram or a design matching their wedding invitation. 
  • For corporate events, personalize cookies by adding company logos or designs that reflect its brand identity and other printed brand materials.  
  • Incorporate the event’s colors or a custom message or date to make cookies more personalized. 
  • From flowers for a garden party to sports gear for an athletic-themed one. You can also go seasonal with snowflakes in winter and beach scenes in summer. 
  • For those who love their favorite characters, there are character cookie options too – perfect if you’re looking to please younger audiences alike. 
  • Finally, opt for interactive versions so everyone gets involved, think puzzles and games printed on delicious treats! 


Make sure to select images with optimal clarity and high resolution for the best possible printed results when transferred onto cookies to guarantee stunning printed results 

To sum it up

Custom printed cookies are an easy and guaranteed way to make a lasting impression during your event. They are simple to design, with multiple options for the shapes, text, and images that you can print on them. Each cookie is sure to be delicious and personalized for your special occasion. Why not create sweet memories for any upcoming event and add a touch of fun with these unique treats?  

Photo cookies are just a few clicks away from being ordered with Overnight Prints. These experiences will bring smiles to the faces of all guests.  



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