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Overnight Prints Relaunches Affiliate Program

As an advertiser on the Affiliate Window network for over two years, leading online printing company, Overnight Prints, is introducing a ‘relaunch’ of our affiliate program in efforts to reinvigorate publisher partnerships as well as grow our publisher base with new and fresh publishers. The following is an interview with Affiliate Window about what publishers can expect from the relaunch.

What was the decision for relaunching the Overnight Prints affiliate program?

In analyzing consumer behavior, data shows that performance marketing is one of the best channels for generating new leads and acquiring customers. Relaunching the Overnight Prints affiliate program with Affiliate Window is part of a strategic plan to work with reliable, capable partners that have a quality customer base in order to expand our online reach.

What can publishers expect from the program relaunch?

With the relaunch comes potential for publishers to earn higher commissions!  We believe working with publishers is the best way to reach our customers, so we are offering attractive commissions, up to 18% per sale!

What makes Overnight Prints different from competitors?

ONP offers quality print products at competitive rates. Customers can create custom designs on any of our print products for use from personal announcements to corporate promotions. Not offered by any other online printing company, our unique B.I.T.G.I.T. program lets customers ‘Buy It Today and Get It Tomorrow’ for orders placed by 8 p.m. EST.

Since launching the program, have you utilized any Affiliate Window tools and technology including cross-device tracking, the Opportunity Marketplace or payment-per-assist?

We find tremendous value in Affiliate Window’s tools. ONP plans on taking advantage of the advanced technology to further research user demographics and traffic patterns, as well as consumer behavior and engagement. To expand our digital marketing program, we will seek out more quality partners and placements through the Opportunity Marketplace.

As we are approaching Q3, what are your overall goals for the performance channel for the remainder of the year?

Our goals are to expand our publisher database and increase quality traffic and acquisition rate.

Interested in partnering with Overnight Prints? Join the program or contact Marketing Director Sravani Atluri at

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