Patriotic Party Planner

Labor Day is just around the corner. You’ve been planning for weeks to come up with the perfect menu and party decorations only to have your busy life interfere. Here are a few last-minute decorations that will leave your guests amazed!

Ice Cream Cone Wrappers

Use themed wrapping paper to create wrappers around ice cream cones. Chickabug has free printable templates to give your frozen treats a “cool” look.

  Ice cream cone wrappers
Stars & Stripes Chandelier

Mix and match two different patterns or solid colors to create a fancy chandelier. Cut wrapping paper into 1- to 2-inch strips in varying lengths. Using a cross stitch hoop, secure the strips in between the layers, tighten and hang from the ceiling.

Wrapping Paper Ceiling Decorations

Make easy and inexpensive hanging decorations for indoor and backyard patio parties. With a piece of wrapping paper, make pleats and staple the center. Fold in half and secure the two ends together, attaching string or ribbon so that you can hang it from the ceiling.

  Paper fan ceiling decoration
Table Runner

Cut the wrapping paper to fit in the center of the table, then secure with double-sided tape. It’s both festive and allows for easy clean-up afterwards.

Patriotic Wreath

With a few wooden clothes pins and stars, you can create a wreath perfect for all patriotic holidays all year long. Paint clothes pins in white, red and blue. Using a hot glue gun, glue the pins around a wire frame wreath in a white/red pattern. Then glue stars on top of the blue pins. has the in-depth how-to.

  clothes pin wreath
Star Garland

Create a focal point with a garland made out of stars! Simply cut large, medium and small stars in alternate colors of red, white and blue, then attach them to a long piece of string that you can hang from the ceiling, on the sides of a table or at your front door.

  star garland

Now you can easily apply these party ideas to any other patriotic holiday, such as Memorial Day, July 4th and Veterans Day.

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