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QR Codes in Posters and Mini BCs

Awhile back we ran a piece on QR codes for business cards.

I’m starting to see more and more QR Codes placed in BCs, but they’re also popping up in mini-business cards and posters.

Here’s a business card/mini BC/poster set that our design gurus put together as a sample.


Here’s another poster concept. I like the way it says “learn more at”:
Sunglass Depot Poster
The CTA in these is “scan for details.” First, the front and back of the mini business card:

QR_mini_Business_Cards_f_1v0_R01_010412 QR_mini_Business_Cards_b_1v0_R01_010412

And now the matching poster:
You can see how easy it is to incorporate a QR Code into a poster or mini BC as well as a business card. I’ve even seen cards with all of the social media icons plus the Code on the back. Neat!


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  1. Avatar
    Ariel Swartley

    I am part of the trend you spotted. My new business cards with QR code arrived this week. They look even better than I hoped. Colors just as I imagined. Thanks.

  2. Avatar

    Here is the QR info.

  3. Avatar
    Circle Leaflet Printing

    We used a QR code on a flyer… and it was so minimal that all it had was the QR code!!

    People were so intrigued that they simply had to find out what it was. Needless to say they had a great uptake and it caused some good word of mouth also.

  4. Avatar

    When designing printed marketing materials, try to keep your QR code to 3/4″ square or larger, depending on how close your customers may be able to get. Also, try consolidating your URL using bit.ly or other tools so that your QR code will be less “complicated” and therefore easier to scan.

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