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Tell Your Story With A Business Card

Every individual has a story to tell. A story that is different from the rest and deserves to be delivered in the correct manner. Now “correct manner” is not uniform, it’s divergent – constantly diving in different directions. When I think of a business card, I think of an opportunity to tell a story. Whether that be for the company I work for, or simply myself. It’s an outlet, a medium, or even a platform to get your story heard in the crucial moments, and in the most important encounters.


There are five characteristics every business card should encompass. Maintaining simplicity, purpose, accuracy, professionalism and uniqueness. These five aspects carry a business card and make it effortless for your story to come across with dynamic precision. Leave an instant impression by including all these factors within your card.



A card that showcases simplicity is a card that presents trustworthiness and loyalty. Choosing simple color hues, such as black and white, allows trust to be seen. In addition, keeping all your information limited will create a subtle yet dramatic impact. No matter what business we are in, trust remains the top factor. It’s vital and can all begin with your business card. White on a card can also interpret clarity and a clean purpose.


Purpose: A reason, justification and motivation for what you do. This factor must be communicated through the text and design on the card. What drives you? Make sure you place the most important information on your card, not your whole resume.


Try not to clutter your card with details, this is a turnoff for many employers. Perhaps, think about a short quote, or six-word bio, telling your audience your purpose. This leaves the card not only with a clean look, but with something that grabs their attention, leaving them wanting to know more.


Accuracy & Professionalism

The next factors can be combined, and those are accuracy and professionalism. They both go hand-in-hand. You never want to portray yourself as something that you’re not. Always stay true to yourself and to others. Many people tend to go overboard and end up with a business card that fails to represent their own self, but in some instances their companies too. Pay attention to colors, finishes and text. Make sure your card is a strong representation of your purpose.


Last, but certainly not least, is being unique. We all naturally have this quality, but it’s another thing to bring it to the table. Have something in addition to your standard business card to give to potential clients or employers. Give them something with a more in-depth look.


Our mini business cards are the ideal outlet to showcase and highlight even more. Provide your LinkedIn, Facebook and much more.

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