8 Corporate Thank You Cards for Employee Appreciation Day

How can you say “thank you” in a sincere way to ALL your employees at the same time? Give out individual corporate thank you cards to show how much you value their work. Here are a few examples of Thank You card templates and messages of thanks to incorporate for each staff member.

Today I recognize your hard work and dedication to this team. Thank you so much for all that you do!

Corporate thank you card


  1. “You’re an asset to this company. You’ve made a difference and we truly appreciate your work.”
Greenery horizontal corporate thank you card
Add a touch of green to corporate thank you cards for eco-conscious employers.


  1. “You and your skills add so much to my team. Thank you for your hard work and dedication!”
Vintage horizontal corporate thank you card
Praise employees for their contribution with a good ‘ole vintage thank you card.


  1. “It’s a pleasure to work with you every day. Thank you for dedicating yourself to the team. You are appreciated!”
Retro thank you postcard
Choose a retro chic card design for your laid back office environment.


  1. “You’ve been an excellent addition to the team. I speak for everyone when I say your presence and skills are valued here.”
Script thank you postcard
Nothing can show your appreciation more than a handwritten thank you note to staff.


  1. “The office would not be the same without you! Thank you for everything you do for this department!”
Two-toned blue glow corporate thank you postcard
Give employees a glowing commendation for work well done with a bright two-toned thank you note.


  1. “Today I recognize your hard work and dedication to this team. Thank you so much for all that you do!”
Minimalist thank you card
It’s refreshing to hear “thank you” from the boss with this minimalist greeting card.


  1. “I hope a day never goes by that you think your talent goes unnoticed. Your skills will always be valued here. Thank you so much for your hard work.”
Aztec arrow thank you card
Keep corporate culture headed in the right direction with a modern corporate thank you card.


  1. “You’ve added so much value to the team already! I hope you know how much everyone appreciates your hard work. THANK YOU!”
Foreign languages corporate thank you card
Express your gratitude in any language.

Don’t see a design that fits your office? Browse more thank you card templates or create your own custom corporate cards at Overnight Prints.

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