Business Greeting Cards Aren’t Promo Items – Really

C’mon, you know this is what you’re thinking.  You’re a salesman or small business owner, you’re looking through the cool greeting card selection at – and you’re imagining how clients and prospects will respond when they get greeting cards from you.

They’ll be so pleased!  They’ll have such warm feelings towards you!  They’ll remember how wonderful you are to do business with, and how they really DO need another “Wonder Widget”… and before too long, your website will be inundated with visitors and your phone will be ringing so often, you’ll need more minutes on your cell plan.


Oh, sure, you really DO mean it when you convey warm wishes such as “Happy Birthday” or “Thank You” on a card – but the bottom line is your “bottom line.”  You send greeting cards to clients, prospects and other people because you’re looking for referrals and repeat business, not solely out of the kindness of your heart.

There’s nothing wrong with that – and most consumers are well aware that when they get a greeting card from a business owner, there’s some degree of ulterior motive in mind – but you can’t be obvious about it. And I want you to think about that before you order any cards.

RESIST THE TEMPTATION to make any greeting card an obvious promotional item for your business.  Don’t put a huge logo on the cover.  Don’t include a discount or special offer.   In fact, think twice before saying something as seemingly innocuous as “Call me if you need anything.”

People know they can call you, or come by the store, or visit your website.

What they don’t often see – and what makes you REALLY stand out – is unadulterated appreciation.  Thanks or best wishes without the obvious “taint” of commercialism.

It may be counter-intuitive – but think about the last time you personally got a card from your your insurance agent or tax preparer or whoever – how did it make you feel?   And did the design have anything to do with that?

Order YOUR new greeting cards accordingly.

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