Design O’ the Times

It’s been 10 years since Overnight Prints began to make and deliver top notch print products and, in some ways, we live in a different world. Sure, we still don’t have jetpacks, x-ray specs, or pet robots, but at the very least, styles have changed.

Some classic looks can be appreciated for a long time, but sometimes, updates are needed.

Here at Overnight Prints, some things will never change, such as our commitment to superior print quality and on-time delivery as well as our unparalleled devotion to environmentally safe printing practices. And, we are dedicated to making sure that all of your prints convey a look of relevance and professionalism.

That’s why we decided it was time to update our website; if you’re going to trust us with your look, you should know we take pride in our look.

Our designer, Michaella (a graduate of the Super Ninja School of Website Design), wanted to make sure the site’s new aesthetic didn’t take away from its effectiveness.

She focused on smoothing visual lines, clarifying labels, and improving your ease at locating various functions.

We want your time on the site to be as enjoyable and efficient as possible, and we welcome comments or emails about your experience.

Thank you for stopping by, and stay tuned for future improvements to the site’s look and function! (Sorry, no delivery via jetpack.)(Yet.)

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  1. Avatar

    Great job on the redesign. I wish the link to the blog wasn’t buried in the footer, and I hope that you’ll update the Overnight Prints logo next!

  2. Avatar

    Hey guys, just wanted to say that your new look is really a step up. As a designer, I can fully agree that your website really makes or breaks the confidence of potential customers. We’ve always been happy with the professional quality of your products, keep up the good work!

    1. Avatar

      Thanks for the kudos Kirsten! Weare glad to hear you like the quality of our products. We aim to please!

  3. Avatar

    We’ve been regular customers for years. Your new design is classy, graphically appealing, contemporary, and very easy to use. I didn’t feel “lost” at all, even while going to find the familiar pages I needed. Thanks for your work!

  4. Avatar

    Looks great!
    I think you’ve made it easier for people to quickly assess price and delivery options.
    One piece of feedback – when there is a deal/promo and also I have a VIP Silver discount, sometimes it takes a bit of work to ensure that I’m getting the best of those two deals. When checking pricing on postcards today, I found price lists in two different ways. One showed full price vs. sale price for each item on the list and the other didn’t. I definitely preferred the one that listed both.
    Have a great day!

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