Free Halloween Party Flyer!!!

Looking for a cool Party Flyer for your Halloween party bash or club night? Then look no further! This FREE funky, psychedelic, voodoo flyer, that was designed by yours truly, is available (below) as an editable Photoshop (PSD) file or as a really easy-to-use online Halloween template that you can just add your information to!

Ready just in time for the Halloween celebrations, this hella-cool Halloween invite is a must for all funk and soul-loving party-people!



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  1. Avatar

    what is the name of the font you used for “dead Soul”?

    1. Avatar

      Unfortunately I didn’t use a regular font! The text is based on an amalgamation of a lot of the old psychedelic font styles. There is a font called “butterfield” that it’s pretty similar to. Hope this helps!

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