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Mommy Cards for Mothers Day

Remember the “emergency business cards for kids” idea that I blogged about a week or so ago? I received a lot of inquiries from mommy’s asking where they could create th mommy cards for mothers day eir own “emergency cards” (or “mommy cards” as they are better known!) Well, would you believe it, Overnight Prints has just released some brand-new templates with a selection of really great kid themed designs.

The wonderfully bright and cheerful design templates that are exclusive to Overnight Prints will allow mommy’s and daddy’s all over the country to add their child’s photograph, contact, medical, and other emergency information. And if you didn’t already know, our online design and checkout process is really quick and easy. In the shake-of-a-lambs-tail, you will receive a set of thick and sturdy mommy cards to slip into your child’s backpack!

Superb mommy card designs for both boys & girls
Superb mommy card designs for both boys & girls

As stated in a previous blog, I created my own “mommy cards” as a surprise for my wife! She loves them. I don’t think there’s anything that a mommy appreciates more than to give them the gift of a little more “peace-of-mind” when it comes to their child’s safety.

Unfortunately, this is a limited time product, and Mothers day is fast-approaching ! You better order your mommy cards as soon as possible if you want them in time for the “mommy” celebrations!

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