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Six Reasons Why Your Business Needs Custom T-shirts

Whether your business is just starting up or has been around for quite some time, marketing is paramount to how a business performs. Oftentimes, marketing and advertising can get expensive, and if your business is small or starting up, you probably don’t want to overspend. There are many cost-efficient methods that can propel a business to the top: One of them is custom T-shirts. The benefits of using custom T-shirts to market your business are great. If you’re looking to gain awareness and get the word out about your business, there is no better way to do it.

1. “Walking Billboard” over Real Billboard

When you give a shirt out with your business design or logo on it, your shirt becomes literally a “walking billboard.” I’m sure we have all come across billboards; they capture our attention and they make us interested. This is exactly what a quality custom T-shirt can do for your business – capture attention and gain interest. Having a marketing tactic that is able to do both of these aspects at once is incredible. Billboards are highly expensive, especially if you have them in a high trafficked area. Custom T-shirts are affordable and can be in so many places at once, what could be better? It allows you to advertise to many without the huge price tag.

When you give these shirts out to potential or current customers, you have the ability to speak to and get to know your customers. Being able to create and establish those personal relationships are vital and often missed, but custom T-shirts will help you make these relationships as well as great impressions.


2. Cheaper Way to Advertise

There are so many options for marketing and advertising. It’s easy to get confused, lost and overspend. What many businesses don’t realize is having a simple mindset and not overthinking is often what is best. Custom T-shirts may seem simple but they have a lot to offer your business. They only cost a few dollars per shirt, so your business can buy as many as needed without having to worry. The great thing about promotional shirts is they can be worn over and over. Just think, your business can be advertised for over a year or more! This marketing tactic, although cheap, can effectively advertise your business and extend your reach for long periods of time.


3. Customize Your Shirt Your Way

This marketing tactic lets you do it your way. Choose designs, place your logo and add your company tagline onto the shirt front, back or sleeves. The sky is the limit and you can really maximize it. You may have come across a promotional company T-shirt and thought “that looks terrible.” Many businesses think this is how they always look and think they don’t want their business associated with poor quality. NOT TRUE! As long as you find a reliable online printing company that is established, prints quality promotional products and allows your to work with expert graphic designers, you will be good to go.

When it comes to quality, Overnight Prints is dedicated to ensuring every customer receives a product they love. If you’re looking for quality and perfection, Overnight Prints is your destination.


4. Many Different Options

You can really maximize the use of custom T-shirts by distributing them in many different ways. Give them to your employees – this will make your team feel unified while promoting your business. If your company ever participates in a trade show, fair or expo, you can either sell your custom T-shirts or hand them out as booth giveaways. These shirts can be used for social media contest winners, and you can use them at public relations events. The concept of the custom T-shirt is to expand and maximize your exposure. By utilizing all of these options your business will reap the benefits.

5. Advertise Longer

Billboards, posters and brochures all have a limited amount of time to advertise. With quality custom T-shirts, you can advertise your business for an extended amount of time. If you make a great quality and well-designed T-shirt, customers will want to keep wearing your shirt. What does this mean for your business? Your advertising can go on and on. The longer amount of time you can advertise, the greater the awareness and potential sales.

Also great for non-profit or volunteer organizations



6. Appeal Meets Functionality

Custom T-shirts offer customers and your business the best of both worlds. Shirts are both appealing and carry functionality; these two great qualities reflect well on your business. It’s unbelievable how one product can achieve both of these characteristics without being costly, and that is what makes custom T-shirts an optimal marketing strategy.

If you haven’t considered custom T-shirts, you should ASAP. They work perfectly for businesses just starting up and for small businesses. Take a look at our new custom T-shirt line and start optimizing your advertising!

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