Save Your Hands, Save Your Time: Self-Inking Stamps

Have you ever had to self-address anywhere from 50-400 envelopes, all with your name, address, city and zip code?  Have you ever had to actually use a pen to do that and fill out anything from greeting cards to thank you notes to invitations, to whatever else?  Chances are that if you have, you know the carpal tunnel syndrome mess that it can create, and the exhausting amount of time it can waste.

Well, waste not want not, and from today on we are officially done wasting time on addressing or labeling any envelopes.  Have you ever dipped into and thought about self-inking stamps that you can have custom made to say just about anything you can possibly need? sells design-your-own self-inking stamps that take the carpal and the tunnel right out of your syndrome.  What’s best is, you can get them Fast.  In as little as 4 days, they can design, create, fill and ship your custom stamp to your front door.  You’ll be stamping away and saving hours and Advil in no time at all.

The bottom line is, if you mail things with any sort of frequency at all, it’s a no-brainer that you need to take the step forward and grab some kind self-inking stamp. is the expert in them for a reason, they do it better, faster and at higher quality than anyone else.  Head over now and get all of your Christmas, New Years, Holiday greeting card needs taken care of in one fell swoop!

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