Business Card Tips: What Does Your Business Card Say About You?

Within the first 3 seconds, your prospect will assess whether you are professional, trustworthy and worth doing business with. What’s the takeaway? Your business card can make or break that...
Young refugee girls
Customer Spotlight

Nonprofit Organization Prints to Rebuild Lives of Refugees

Speaking to Overnight Prints on National Nonprofit Day (Aug. 17), Sarah Hollis, development & communications officer, AMAR Foundation, shares how the nonprofit organization got started and ways in which print...
Koi painting
Art & Design

Overcoming Fears One Canvas at a Time

One of the scariest things I’ve ever done is paint on canvas. I’m not professionally trained, and the thought of painting anything so permanent was daunting. However, put a craft...
20 Movies You Didn't Know Were Books

20 Movies You Didn’t Know Were Books First

Did you know the 1988 Christmas classic, “Die Hard,” was actually a film adaptation of a 1979 thriller novel by Roderick Thorp? It may surprise you to know how many...