Great ideas for Custom Bookmarks & Bookmark Promotions

Say the word “bookmark” and most people will immediately think of somber libraries with stern-faced librarians, or bits of tasseled old leather in-between the pages of dusty bibles! However, a bookmark doesn’t have to be such a grim and serious product. It’s actually one of the most usable print products for your home or office.

Used in business as a marketing tool or in the home environment as a gift for your friends and family, a bookmark is a pretty nifty item. Here are a few bookmark ideas for your home and business that you might not have considered:


Personalized bookmarks for the home

A book with custom bookmark accompaniment
A book with custom bookmark accompaniment

Custom bookmarks are a really nice accompaniment to any book that you’re giving as a gift. If you’re gifting a self-help book, an academic text, or other book with personal significance, you could include a quote from the author or a heartfelt message about how the book has helped you in your life or studies. You could even use a bookmark as part of the gift-wrapping. A personalized “gift tag” would be a great complement to any book. Create a bookmark that reflects the book’s cover graphic or find photographs of scenery, places, or pictures that illustrate passages in the text.

Why not place your own portrait or pictures of your family on a bookmark? A bookmark can be a great gift in itself! Especially for those Grandparents and other family members who are avid readers. A really great bookmark gift idea is to create a bookmark for a toddler or baby’s “first book”; put their baby photo on the bookmark and package it together with a classic children’s hardback, and you have a really personal and thoughtful gift.

Bookmarks are also perfect for celebrating Easter, baptisms, or other religious occasions. Include a patron saint or a favorite prayer on your bookmark gift and it would make the perfect ceremonial gift.

Bookmarks for your Church, Library, School or Bookstores

This may be obvious to most people, but organizations with lots of books can always use plenty of bookmarks! Nowadays, even churches and religious organizations can use a little help in generating interest. Whether you’re a schoolteacher who wants to give ‘special bookmarks’ to their students as achievement prizes, or a librarian who has a weekly calendar of events to promote, a bookmark is fantastic for getting your point across – especially for organizations that encourage reading and learning.

How to make your own fancy bookmarks


If you’re an artistic individual, then it might be quite lucrative to sell your own bookmarks. You could establish your own online bookmark business, or sell them at craft fairs, etc. Maybe you just want to create an extra-special bookmark gift. Click here to find out how to make your own fancy bookmarks.

Bookmarks for your business – Mini flyers and promotions

From a marketing perspective, bookmarks are really useful. For a small business owner who’s looking to create an effective marketing tool then there’s nothing more pertinent than a custom bookmark to get your business point across. Now I know what you’re probably thinking; “What the heck is this guy talking about… what kind of business owner uses bookmark for strategic marketing?” Well, I can say with some certainty that a customer is far more likely to pick up a bookmark than a flyer! Why? Because they can actually USE it…as a bookmark!!!

There’s not a lot of love for flyers and postcards. All too often, they are barely looked at before they end up in the trashcan! Who can blame people for tossing them? What can you do with a flyer? You might give it a cursory glance but what then? You can’t slip it comfortably into your pocket, you’re not going to give it to anyone as a gift, and you’re certainly not going to use a great big cumbersome flyer as a placeholder for Dan Brown’s latest page-turner! A bookmark, however, will do rather nicely.

Create an impressive enough bookmark design to showcase your company logo, business number, or special promotion and you’re likely to get people really interested in your business. You create a kind of “mini bookmark” that is Stick a funny saying, some words of wisdom, a cute cat, a calendar, etc, and “hey presto”, you’ve got yourself a marketing product that your customers will look at for weeks…even months!

If you have an Internet based business a fun idea would be to create a “bookmark this” list of site bookmarks on your actual bookmark! This would be a great way to drive traffic to your sites!

Bookmarks as event tickets

Another great use for custom bookmarks is as tickets for events. They are just the right size to fit in a person’s wallet or pocket. Many people use online printers to produce their event tickets. If you regularly organize events, stage productions, competitions, or parties, then it’s a good idea to use bookmarks as an alternative to expensive custom ticket printing.

Bookmarks as Gatefold Business Cards


You can make quite a neat little business card out of a bookmark. By designing your bookmark in two halves. Simply download a business card template from a site such as,, and design your bookmarks as if it were a greeting card – splitting the 6” template into two 3” design spaces (one for inside and one for outside). Once you receive your bookmark prints, you can fold them down the center and make a gatefold business card out of them! This certainly makes your business card stand out from the crowd and it is an elegant and sophisticated way of presenting yourself and your business. Click here to see how to make your folded business card from a bookmark

Souvenir Bookmarks

If you own a guesthouse, hotel, or other business connected with a tourist destination, then you can create a travel souvenir that customers can pass onto friends and relatives. Use a gorgeous image of your travel destination so that they can relive the experience of being there and tell everyone else about how good it was.

Use your imagination

Like most print products, it’s a case of using your imagination to think of new and interesting ways to use a product. Bookmarks are especially versatile, and it only requires a little extra thought and effort to create something really special.

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