QR codes

QR codes. What are they? How do I use them?

What are QR codes

Do you want your print marketing collateral to be more interactive?

QR codes are a great way to do this. They’re easy-to-use, quick, and can be applied to all types of marketing materials. QR codes are a great way to interact and engage with your customers. They can be used on business cards, brochures, flyers, posters and so much more.

What is a QR code?

A QR code is a square-shaped black and white pattern that stores information in a way that is easy for mobile devices to scan to instantly access content. They work by scanning the code using any smartphone’s camera. The desired content will automatically open in the users browser. QR codes are typically used to link to websites, social media profiles, download an app, or even access coupons for discounts. They offer an interactive way to involve consumers. QR Codes have been popularized with their inclusion in many advertising campaigns by just scanning them and enjoying being connected.

Read on for more information about this technology and its implementation in marketing campaigns to increase engagement rates!

4 Effective ideas to use QR codes on printed marketing collateral

  1. On business cards for a quick link to an offer.Some people would prefer a business card to have more than just contact information. So why not print a QR code on the back? The days of business cards being just a name, phonenumber, and email are over. QR codes are beautiful to the eye, and fully functional at the same time. You can use QR Codes on your business cards for a quick link to an offer. Your audience will find this helpful, and you’ll be able to connect with them better by having something interactive and personal. QR codes are a great way to make your business card stand out from the rest and for customers to more quickly get in contact with you and learn what you have to offer them.
  2. On brochures for access to a product catalog, online book, etc.Add QR codes that allow access to your product catalog and other unlimited amounts of detailed content with up-to-date prices that cannot be printed in limited brochure space. A QR code allows for an expanded online brochure that is more detailed, creative, and engaging.QR codes are great for tracking. They give you the ability to track how many people scan the code, providing your business with the opportunity to engage in a conversation about product range, product descriptions, how-to videos, pricing, stock availability, and so much more. With captivating content linked to the QR Codes, your customers will likely convert faster with your printed brochures. Beyond merchandising products, it’s a hard-hitting marketing package in print.So, one nifty QR code can turn a beautifully folded brochure into thousands of internet pages.
  3. On a sticker or postcard for a link to a restaurant menuQR codes have been essential to the current state of business. Displaying a QR code on a sticker posted on each dining table or on a postcard presented by waitstaff, this has become the new normal for viewing menus for in-person dining. QR codes allow restaurants the opportunity to provide customers with vivid photos and additional details about the plates their contemplating ordering.With restaurants seeing a heavy increase in takeout business, QR codes provide the ability to engage with customers making it easy for consumers to find their way back into the restaurant. Stickers or postcards with QR codes can be placed near the checkout area of the store. They are also great when dropped inside bags of orders or to seal the package that is being taken home!QR codes on advertising materials can work to attract even more hungry lunchtime explorers!
  4. On a Rack Card for a link to registration, sweepstakes, or review with so many places to put a QR code these days, it can be hard to decide where the best place is. With the use of a QR code on rack cards, businesses can promote themselves to potential customers and get them involved. For example, the company could create a QR code that jumps to an online registration form, sweepstakes entry page, or review page foranyone who picks up the rack card. It would be easy for your customer base to take advantage of these opportunities! Tap into the new potential for a better reach with a QR code on the back of rack cards!

Benefits of using QR code on printed marketing collaterals

The benefits of displaying a QR code on rack cards are innumerable. There is no reason not to add this incredible new technology to your marketing arsenal today, from increased engagement to more time spent with the brand.

  • It’s easy! Overnight Prints helps by simplifying that process with our new feature of generating QR Codes directly from your design or any custom size!
  • Consumers love them! They’re interactive and help tell a story in an engaging way which means they’re memorable.
  • Tracking ability. QR codes allow tracing where people scan codes from your campaign so that you know exactly what’s working and what isn’t. In addition, they give you insights into how best to adjust future campaigns accordingly.
  • QR codes make promotional material exchanges easier.

How to make QR codes

Overnight Prints provides an easily accessible way to add QR codes to any printed products. The platform uses intuitive design features to help anyone create quickly, smoothly, and without confusion or headache. Simply use our online free generator to turn any text into a fully functional QR code. QR codes are super simple and fun for everyone involved.

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