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Staycations That Will Improve Work Performance

Encouraging workaholics to take time off from work can actually boost productivity, energy and creativity when they return to the job. Nearly 662 million vacation days were left on the table by American workers in 2016, as found in an annual report by the U.S. Travel Association. The association leads Project: Time Off, a "national movement to transform American attitudes and change behavior around time off."

Staycation Ideas

Employers can help employees strike a good work-life balance. Summer is typically the most popular time to travel overseas or even relax a little closer to home. Not all vacations are created equal though. Jetting off to a tropical destination can actually be stressful - from trying to catch your flight on time to dealing with long layovers to sleeping in unfamiliar hotels.

A staycation offers a great alternative to expensive, and sometimes exhausting, vacations. For workers who can't afford or who prefer not to plan a two full weeks abroad for an entire family of four, taking a few days for a staycation can rejuvenate the mind and body in the same way.

Help employees return to work refreshed and ready to contribute. Here are a few ideas for employers:

Office birthday wish
  1. For employee birthdays, present a voucher for a personal spa day. Fill their greeting card with well wishes and the surprise gift.
  2. Celebrate Christmas in July with dinner and a movie for staff members who've had perfect attendance all year. Present the reward in a tri-fold brochure containing the dinner menu and driving directions.
  3. Hold a company-wide contest and award the winner with admission to a local attraction. Create personalized gift certificates on custom rack cards that can be redeemed for actual tickets. Golf poster
  4. Reward your top salesperson with a weekend golf retreat. Give them a poster of the incredible golf course to reveal the prize.
  5. Partner with local businesses to provide employee discounts and rewards. Gather offers in a booklet for workers to browse and for the employee of the month to choose a reward.

Send your workaholics on a well-deserved staycation. To create custom gift vouchers, visit

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